things that make you go O_o

Who was that masked man??

Hang on a sec…


Someone should warn that chick in the first book that her guy is really gay.

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30 Responses to things that make you go O_o

  1. Tam says:

    LOL, yeah, she could be in for a nasty surprise when he can't perform up to standard. 🙂

  2. BUWAHAHA!!! She'll be in for a shock or think, wow I finally can experience a threesome! Score!!

  3. Kris says:

    Is there such thing as m/m/f for you?? Maybe we just created a new romance genre. 😉

  4. I swear I have read a M/M/F story before. Let me think…

  5. Kris says:

    But was it 'sure, I'll menage for you'??

    I've read a blurb where 2 guys are in a r/ship with one of them being gay and one of them bi. The bi guy (hey, that rhymes) wants to bring a chick into the r/ship and convinces the gay guy that he may actually like clit. I gave it a miss. Not sure I believe SFY.

  6. Lily says:

    LOL, that should be an interesting conversation. Umm honey, about that friend I was telling you about…

    *On a more serious note. WTF, get rid of the tie. Looks freaking stupid minus the shirt. Or at least untie it.*

  7. Tam says:

    Sheesh Lily, that's so you can get a good grip and he can't get away from ya. Don't ya know nuthin'? 🙂

    In a BFY (bi for you) story as the woman I'd be pretty sure that I'd soon be forgotten because really, gay guy is going to lose interest in me in about 14 seconds and be so focused on bi guy (and everyone saying how gay guys give better head – talk about pressure) that I'd be left with observer status, sort of like North Korea at the UN. I'm not saying that might not be interesting, and it's always nice to be invited to the party, but if that wasn't the plan I'd be a bit pissed. “Hello, over here, girly bits waiting.”

  8. Lily says:

    ROFL, Tam!!!

    I'd choke the poor guy to death if I grabbed on to the tie like that. Better untie it from his neck and use it to tie him down.

  9. Kris says:

    Yeah, Lily. Geeez!

    Tam, so what you're saying is that North Korea is really gay, not bi?? Or do you mean straight??

  10. K. Z. Snow says:

    This is such a refreshing change from Dear Author!

    I've often wondered if straight or gay cover models are ever appalled to see themselves grazing in the wrong pasture, on the wrong side of the fence. Like, “Whoa, wait a minute…I'm supposed to be licking what in this book?”

    Poor guys.

  11. JenB says:

    *dies laughing*


    *dies again*

  12. OMG, the perils of using cheap stock photography …

  13. Tracy says:

    LOL omg you're so funny.

  14. Tracy says:

    KZ – grazing in the wrong pasture. OMG I almost fell off my chair! lolol

  15. Sean Kennedy says:

    KZ, I often wonder that as well. You see some of the same models used over and over again (one shot that I've picked as a possible for a WIP has appeared on quite a few and I wonder if he knows he's the gay cover boy to go to?).

  16. Kris says:

    KZ: The DA anti-christ, that's me. 😉

    I've wondered the same. Wave did interview a model and, err, some person asked him about how it felt to be perved on by boys and girls alike and he was pretty matter of fact and professional about the whole thing, which effectively destroyed many a fantasy that I've had. 😦

    JenB: Are you still alive??

    Val: Indeed; as well as the limited number of stock photos available.

  17. Kris says:

    Tracy: I know. 😉 Gives a whole knew meaning to the phrase 'riding the fence', don't you think.

    Sean: Story idea… A gay guy falls in love with a model who he sees on heaps of romance novels. *Think Fabio or Nathan.* He goes on an major trip searching for said guy. He can either find a car buddy along the way and develop feelings for him although he stills 'needs' to meet cover boy. Or, he can meet cover boy who is actually straight, yada, yada, yada, GFY.

    *God, I'm good.*

  18. K. Z. Snow says:

    “Licking” wasn't the word I originally had in mind, by the way.

    Really, Sean, I wonder the same thing when I go to Queerty to check out their…articles [*ahem*] and read the commentary on the Morning Goods photos…uh, features…and I imagine, say, the model's six-year-old daughter standing behind him at the computer and asking, “Daddy, why does this person want to crawl on top of you and 'go to town'? What town does he want to go to?”

    (Kris, you'd best not be taking Nathan's name in vain if you want a birthday present.)

  19. orannia says:


    Actually, KB could be on to something there 🙂

  20. Kris says:

    KZ: “”Licking” wasn't the word I originally had in mind, by the way.”

    I'm shocked, Indian giver.

    Orannia: I've now looked at the covers a couple of times and I actually think its m/m/m with two of the guys being twins.

    It's in the second book that the long lost twin is discovered, he ditches the chick and enters into a twincest/menage r/ship.

  21. Jenre says:

    Actually, looking at the photo, I'm slightly worried about the enormous man-titty. Serously, that guy needs a bra or he will do when he stops working out and it all starts to droop.

    Just saying.

  22. Jenre says:

    or even seriously.

    Too early in the morning. Don't have my typing head on yet.

  23. jitterbug says:

    LOL Jenre, I was thinking about his man-titty too! I'm afraid I realized some time ago I'm not exactly a fan of prominent man-titty *shocked* or maybe it's just envy 😉 And that tie… it may be useful to grasp him, but but paired up with the mask it's just cheesy XD

    Twincest/menage relationships are cropping up with more and more frequence lately. Kris, I believe you're onto something 😉

  24. Kris says:

    Jen: You know I never noticed the man titty before you mentioned it. My perve-o-meter must be off.

    Sara: Well, I've always been on top of all the latest trends. *polishes nails*

  25. Two hot men who enjoy licking each others man titty and the woman who watches…

  26. Tam says:

    Kris: No, North Korea is the straight girl and the UN is a teaming mass of writhing hot manflesh who only like other's of the same. Sigh. Leaving North Korea sitting on the side-lines watching and wishing SOMEONE there would be their friend, maybe just a little kiss on the cheek, a little hug, something to show that they haven't been forgotten.

    My god, I need to stop with the UN analogies. Canada, gay for pay?

  27. Emilie says:

    Oh, there are plenty of books you can find at Changeling where a male couple discovers that certain special woman and a previously unknown liking for womanly bits. I've been known to complain in my editorial comments about gay men suddenly turning straight/bi — not a plotline I care for personally. I understand why it's a popular fantasy, though. There are at least a few like that from Loose Id, too. So, no, m/m/f for you is not a new genre.

  28. Kris says:

    KBC: Is that the first line of the blurb for your new story???

    Tam: *snort* Doofus.

    Emilie: Yes, unfortunately it is not a storyline that I find particularly convincing either. I too understand the fantasy; however, I really, really wish that people wouldn't buy into the whole 'all a gay guy needs is a good woman or one good m/f sexual experience' thing. I personally find it dismissive.

  29. No, the first line of my new hot story would be:

    “We don't have to have sex, but I can give you 8 orgasms. That was a guy's pick up line to me in a bar a few months ago.”

  30. Kris says:

    Really?? It's probably work for me.

    *We'll talk offline about whether or not you took his offer up.*

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