About this site

The Not-Quite-A-Manifesto Manifesto

(in no particular order)

1. I take the piss out of (translation: take the mickey, make fun of) everything. Very little is sacred. *Very* little.

2. At some point I will mock you, therefore if you’re in the slightest bit sensitive you should probably leave now.

3. The title of this blog is a big fat lie. Yes, I (vaguely) talk about booky things, but only occasionally are they ‘good’ books.

4. I don’t do reviews. Infrequently I do what I call ‘tastings’ in which I kind of talk about things I dis/liked about the books I’ve read.

5. I’m not often wrong.

6. I’m completely and utterly random so if you’re expecting coherent discussions, etc you’re in the wrong place.

7. I totally object to swearing and crudity.

8. I make shit up.

9. Not only do I make shit up, but, depending on my mood, I either laugh at people behind their back or straight in their face about the fact that they believed me in the first place.

10. And, most importantly of all, I am AWESOME a Book Slut.  ETA: I was a Book Slut before I lost interest in everything after going The Cray-cray. I’m still awesome though.  *Obviously*.

So, there you have it. That’s me and this is my blog.

PS – This was originally posted elsewhere.  I’m also lazy a hell.

PSS – Very few of the images posted here are owned by me.  This means they’re either (a) publicly available to all or (b) yours.  If they’re yours and are the subject of copyright, let me know cos my psychic powers haven’t reached their full potential as yet and I’ll take them down.  Please note, if you have to send me a second email about this it’s not because I’m deliberately trying to piss you off, rather it’s due to the fact my meds fuck with my memory.  It’s one of the few benefits of having Teh Cray-cray.