maybe it’s me, but…


During the past week, I’ve had some seriously big, heh revealing, deja vu moments.

A number of book blurbs have rung the ‘hey, I’ve read/watched that story line before’ bell.

And I’ve been playing the prediction game with some reviewers, ie what they’ll say and the descriptive phrases they’ll use time and time again to say it.

I guess you can’t really be surprised there’s going to be a certain amount of repetition in the book blogging world.  I mean we all know we’re going to see the same book reviewed to the gazillionth degree when it’s just been released.

But so many deja vus in such a short period of time??

It’s just been weird.  Even for me.

So have any of you experienced periods when it’s just been deja vu after deja vu?  Or is it just me?

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things that make you go O.o


The position of that dog…

No.  Just no.

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oh. my. romance trope.


Holy fucking shit.

I just realised why I read romance.

Like, right now just now.

It’s in my genes.  Seriously.

I was bred for it.

No joke.

For I am the product of a shotgun marriage!



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maybe it’s me, but…


Fuck me, but the Romance Bookity World is a nightmare at the moment.  I mean, geesus.  What the hell happened to, I don’t know, reading?  For fun??  Who knew it was that fucking hard.  Christ.

So, please, for the love of humanity, someone tell me what you’ve read recently that you’ve absolutely loved?

I’m begging here.


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maybe it’s me, but…


So, I’m curious.

A lot of us reread because we plain adore a particular book and want that familiar and happy-reader-buttons experience.

Some of us when we reread (for whatever reason) can end up finding the book dated or just not as good the second time around.  Cue huge amounts of disappointment and frustration.

But have you ever reread a book and found it much, MUCH better than you thought it was?

This happened to me about a week ago and I was somewhat surprised about how good it felt.  I don’t recall ever reacting that way towards a reread before.  It was very satisfying, if a bit mystifying.  I wondered what had changed between then and now.  Had I become more open minded?

*snort*  As if.

It’s more likely that I was in a better frame of mind.  Let’s face it, I’m a moody bitch.

It made me curious, though.  Has this ever happened to you?

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goodbye, sir terry. you will be missed.

I am a wee bit broken this morning with the news of the passing of Sir Terry Pratchett.  
My heart and mind are so full of the wonderful memories of reading his work.  
I wanted to pay tribute to the author, the man, the humanist, who meant so very much to me and then I remembered this 2010 post.  
It says it all really.  
It’s my turn in the Epic Author Fandom Blog Crawl, which is the brainchild of the marvellous Kassa. Yesterday, Chris sang the praises of Charles de Lint and tomorrow Erotic Horizon, who was also responsible for our lovely bloggy button, is up with her fan letter.
I know you’ve all been waiting on tenterhooks to see who I would choose. Yes, I found out about the whispers as to what author could possibly match Kris’ own awesomeness. I even heard about the bets being made on certain m/m authors.
I am sorry to say your guesses all sucked – that seems to be a major problem for some of you – because there is only one author who reigns supreme in the eyes of Kris and this is the God of all Book Gods, the absofuckinglutely amazing…
*hand to heart and moment of silent awe*
Dear Sir Terry
I love you and I want to have your babies.
Yours sincerely,
PS – My biological clock is pretty much flat-lining so if you could let me know what you think asap that would be appreciated.
PSS – I’ve been told by a certain person whose name begins with ‘K’ that my letter may need a wee bit of editting. I said she should have let us know there was a word count minimum before we agreed to do this. Plus, this sums up my feelings exactly AND you’re a Sir. Why the need to pontificate??
PPS – K$#@a is big meanhead. 😦
PPSS – Sir T, so *glaring in the direction of North America* I have to tell you why I love you so much. Although I would have thought that my willingness to go through morning sickness, the possibility of gestational diabetes, labour, sore nipples and smelly nappies made it pretty friggin’ obvious how I felt, but apparently not. *See. A meanie.*
Addendum – 10 5 Reasons Why I Want To Have Sir T’s Babies Love Sir T
1. Sir T, you are the only author I religiously buy in hard cover. *What?! It’s a fucking honour! Do you have any idea how expensive they are in Australia?! Alright, alright.* *muttereveryone’sabloodycriticmutter*
2. Sir T, you are a master of parody. Over the years you have not only turned your attention to the tropes of the fantasy genre, but to such topical issues as bigotry, anthropology, politics, bank crises, war and sports culture. Your satirical genius never ceases to amaze, delight and provoke thought.
3. Sir T, your skills at word smithing and story telling are matched by your humour. Your sly, clever and wicked wit always has me gigglesnorting and laughing out loud throughout your books. You entertain at the same time you stimulate. A difficult balance that you manage to achieve brilliantly and seemingly effortlessly.
4. Sir T, you create the most interesting and unique characters who are also extremely engaging. Never in my life would I have believed that I could have crushes on a grumpy, snarky copper, an omniscient, manipulative dictator, and, most of all, the complicated and compelling DEATH. Yet, I adore them. Of course, the way my mind works and all that…
5. Finally, Sir T, I deeply admire you for the courage with which you have faced your diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s. My heart broke a little when I heard about your illness and then I was completely in awe at the dignity to which you approached it.
While there is no doubt I shall miss the possibility of new releases from you, I know I will get so much enjoyment out of rereading those already published. As I already have done. Time and time again.
That, Sir T, is one of the greatest gifts any author can give a reader and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me these truly wonderful experiences.
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maybe it’s me, but…


I’ve recently bought several ebooks – well, more than several, but who’s counting – where this has happened.

Me: *looking, looking*  *cover! author! blurb! excerpt! buy! yay!*  *downloads and opens*

Me:  Huh.

Me: *goes back to library bookshelf*  *shrugs*  *opens again*

Me: Weird.

me: *goes back to shop this time*  *scratches head*  *opens again*

Me: Okay, now I’m getting annoyed.

Me: *repeats*  *unsatisfied that touch screens don’t allow you to smash keyboard buttons*





Apparently, I get a wee bit cross if I buy an ebook with a cover, but that cover is not there when I open the book.  Who knew I was all about wanting what I paid for.  Oh, and being superficial.


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