getting on the ‘best of’ bandwagon

As everyone seems to be doing ‘best of 2008s’, I thought I’d join in on the fun and list mine as well. Of course, if you hadn’t already guessed, I love me a list so it takes very little to prompt me to make one. (It’s an OCD thing.)

Anyway, just to be a little different, I’m listing my best fiction-related discoveries for 2008. Here they are:
1. m/m fiction~ At some stage I have no doubt I will prepare a list of ‘must have’ authors and titles, in the meantime discovering m/m fiction in 2008 has been an absolute highlight for me. I am such a fangirl of this genre it is not funny.

This is one of the first m/m romances I ever read and became a ‘keeper’.

Most interesting moment for me this year was responding to My Mumma’s “what are you reading?” with “ummm, ahhhhh… *tentatively* a gay romance???…”

One of my fave m/m covers for 2008. Artist Anne Cain is super cool.

2. review blogs~ Because I speed read, I go through a hell of a lot of books. Finding blogs by people who read the same sort of stuff I do has been wicked (although not for my $$) as it’s introduced me to many different authors. Some of the blogs I follow are Reviews by Jessewave, Rain on the Roof, and The Book Smugglers.

Meljean Brook pimped to me by… well, just about everyone… and now an auto buy. I’m reading this Guardian novel at the moment. (That reminds me I must update My Bookshelf list; anal much?)
3. new YA authors~ Over the last few years I have become a huge fan of YA fiction (for reasons I will talk about soon). New authors I’ve discovered in 2008 have been P C and Kristin Cast, Maria V. Snyder and Suzanne Collins.

I know, I know. I’m rabitting on about this again, but it is my best read for 2008.
4. tv series~ My family calls ourselves ‘tv serialists’. We have the tendency to buy a series on DVD and then gorge ourselves watching it over a weekend. I’m particularly guilty of this because I don’t watch the tellie usually. This means I learn about a number of shows well and truly after the fact. My faves for 2008 were Torchwood and Jericho. I love the post-apocalyptic genre so am a bit biased when I say “screw the ratings. what the hell were they thinking cancelling Jericho?” Not quite a WTF moment for me as it was re: Firefly, but pretty damned close!

*sigh* Captain Jack Harkness. I HEART him, I seriously do. For those of you who are fans and live outside Britain, are you as pissed as I am that we can’t access the Torchwood homepage?! Bloody marketing rights, grumble, grumble.
5. my top 5 (hey, I like fives) 2008 discoveries about what is coming out in 2009 (if that makes sense)~
  • Anne Bishop’s The Shadow Queen (to be released March 2009);
  • the next book in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy (pretty sure Thea told me it’s being released sometime in 2009);
  • T A Chase‘s Dreaming of Dragons (sequel to Here Be Dragons. T A will be posting an excerpt from this novel on Thursday. Happy Christmas to us!);
  • Laura Baumbach‘s Genetic Snare (sequel to Details of the Hunt. Yay, more Talos and Aidan!);

and last, but DEFINITELY not least,

What will you be reading/watching in 2009?

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3 Responses to getting on the ‘best of’ bandwagon

  1. Thea says:

    Great list, Kris! I haven’t tried any m/m fiction yet, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Should I start with Rough Canvas?And of course, happy to enable your money spending on books via our reviews :p YA Fiction rules. Seriously, I think at least 4 of my favorite reads of the year are YA. (And Hunger Games rules too–no need to apologize!)STAR TREK!!!!!!! Woohoo! Yeah, I’m excited too 🙂

  2. Jenre says:

    I can’t believe it. Another list of books where I haven’t read any of them. I must read some Joey Hill soon as that name keeps cropping up all over.Just don’t get me started on firefly!

  3. Kris says:

    Happy Xmas morning to you both!T, ‘Rough Canvas’ is pretty full on(BDSM world and all that entails)but I thought it was very moving. Not sure if I would recommend it as a first m/m read though; I will have a think and get back to you… it might warrant another list.:) PS, my dear pimp, I got ‘Wicked Lovely’ in yesterday’s mail and boy was I annoyed when I had to stop reading it to got to a family Xmas Eve function. LOL. A terrific read!Jenre, I really liked this series by Joey Hill. It was my first intro to BDSM and the insight into this way of life was incredible and at times very confronting. It made me do away with a lot of preconceptions that I had.I’m hearing you on ‘Firefly’ – bloody idgit production companies, mutter, mutter.STAR TREK, YAY!!!!

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