a… ahem… discussion with Jenre

Today I’m posting with Jenre from ‘Well Read’ about a recent misunderstanding (on her part). You’ll see why when you read further.

Fight or Truce? The lines have been drawn.

Kris: This all came about because I innocently – in a polite and non-confrontational way – expressed my opinion about a character in a book (ie Jake ‘the undeserving prick’ Riordan).

Needless to say it was not a popularly held view and losers misguided fools rabid fans some readers strongly disagreed; one of whom – a certain Mum of four from Leeds, who has a great blog where I’ve been known to lurk – actually DARED on MY blog to not only mention his name, but to say she *hmph* loved him. HIM! How did I not know this about Jen?

I was – and still am – shocked, but it made me determined to make sure all commentators state their allegiances upfront. After all, I need to know whether I can take a person’s POV seriously or not… oh, okay, I’m only joking *kinda… not really*. It also seemed like much fun was to be had by seeing what other people thought about different things.

Jen: This all came about because I was commenting on Kris’ blog – a certain Mum of two (cats) from Perth, who has a great blog where she tells it like it is – when I happened to mention in all innocence (OK, maybe I did it on purpose) that I like the character of Jake ‘he’s misunderstood’ Riordan from the books by Josh Lanyon.

This little difference of opinion almost led to all-out war and my ultimate banishment from commenting on her blog any more. Fortunately, before we got to that stage, a truce was declared and we agreed to set out our allegiances in order to avoid any further escalation of hostilities.

Kris and I are now clear on where we stand, but what about other commentators on this blog? How do I know where you stand on our (now rather extensive) list of allegiances?

Kris’ Allegiances:

Jake Riordan = Kill him off! Kill him off!
Nate = Yay!
Derek Craven = I had to google him to find out who he was. LOL.
Roarke = Yummy!
Lilith (Kris: If we’re having a token female then she has to be totally kick-arse) = Yay!
Derek & Blue = Sweet, but Blue so needs to give Cameron the flick.
Jake ‘the jock’ Campbell & Brandon ‘the nerd’ Bartlett = *sigh* *sniff* Beautiful.
the guy from Outlander that everyone talks about (Jen: Jamie Fraser) = ??
Johnnie & Tyler or Luc & Reese or Brent & Hell or Darien & Chris = Brent & Hell
yaoi = Yay!
the skinny heroine = Depends; skinny and sick is not good.
reviews = As long as they’re constructive and not too bitchy.
BDSM = Not personally. Hee, hee. Better if the author has a good understanding the lifestyle.
the ‘manly’ man = Yes and no. Sometimes they can srsly piss me off.
chocolate = Hell yes!
m/f = Yep.
m/m = *rolls eyes* Actually no, I friggin hate the genre.
heroes with chest hair = Not too gorilla-like cos… yuck.
m/f/m ménage = Blech!
m/m/f menage = Boo!
m/m/m menage = HOT!
hubbys who don’t dance = Since I don’t have one….
characters who don’t eat or go to the toilet = They’re really zombies and you’re reading horror.
shifted sex = Ick.
chicks with dicks = Do hermaphrodites count? I forgot to ask Jen.
the twink = Very cute.
the giggling or pouting male = If they’re a twink, yes. Otherwise… grow some balls you wusses!
aliens with two penises = Weird, just weird.
ebooks or print = Both.
modern language in historical = Hate it. HATE. IT.
gay for you = Naughty.
gay because of mate/blood/chick bonds = Not a huge fan.
winning free ebooks = YIPPEE!!!!!!!!
ebook prices too high = YES! Grrrr.
jock huffing = *too busy laughing and remembering LB’s and CJ’s post*
m/m anonymous sex = Sluts.
m/f anonymous sex = Whores.
red or white (wine not menz) = Both; it’s alcohol – why discriminate??
love at first sight = As if.
oral sex in medieval historical romance = Avoid historical like the plague. Anyway, I thought they just had sieges and shit.
alpha heroes = Merow!
HEA means marriage (no matter what the genre) = Sometimes, but only as long as it’s a renewal of the vows because the first time round was either (a) arranged, (b) pregnancy or, (c) m/f/m or m/m/f and the chick could only formally marry one of them. (Please note this does not count if it’s m/m, unless, of course, it’s fantasy.)

You can find Jen’s allegiances here, but what about you?? We challenge you to state your own allegiances!

Comment here or post on your own blog and provide the link for us; we want to know.

Surrender is not an option!

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Reads, rants, randoms & R+s. You've been warned. BTW, don't follow me if you're a GLBTQQphobic wanker. It won't end well. For you.
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17 Responses to a… ahem… discussion with Jenre

  1. Jenre says:

    You so did not have to Google Derek Craven :0. I’m all astonishment!We are not laughing at ourselves, we are laughing at each other. Erm….in a nice ‘what a great joke’ kind of way, of course.I agree on the reviews BTW. Nasty ‘I’m having a big laugh at your expense’ reviews really piss me off.

  2. Kris says:

    Oh, of course; with the exception of me laughing in a ‘don’t be absurd’ kind of way at your attitude towards ‘the undeserving’. I so did have to look him up, but since it was only an historical romance I was ok with not knowing. *g*

  3. lisabea says:

    I abjure you.But only about Jake. Hey TPig and I squabble about this all the time. And, as we all know, he is wrong and I am right. Also Sula is on the Jake Poo Poo train. Boo.I betcha Josh is a fan of Jake. hehehehe.

  4. Kris says:

    *snort* TPig is a a boy and therefore wrong in principle whenever he disagrees with a girl (ie you); however, in this instance, a higher set of rules takes precedence. These are as follows:chocolate is good for you,Jake sucks big fat hairy donkey balls, andKris is ALWAYS right. Besides prob’ly thinking that I’m completely off my rocker, Josh thinks my anti-Jake ranting is funny. FUNNY!

  5. jessewave says:

    KrisI LOVE Jake. Do you want more? I LOVE Jake. I LOVE Jake. He’s my man!! He has balls – 2 sets of balls (maybe he should give Adrien his spare set just in case he needs to find his). He is one good looking hunk with 2 pairs of you know what.:DDDDHave to go now and change my email address.

  6. Kris says:

    I’m sorry… maybe you missed the part in ‘THYS’ where Adrien tells Jake to fuck off and most of ‘DOAPK’ where Adrien gives Jave the cold shoulder?? Spare set, my arse.The only extra pair of anything that Jake has is a set of Devil’s horns.*dashing to register Wave’s email for menage porn*

  7. Jenre says:

    I have to agree with you there, Kris. In many ways Adrien is the stronger of the two. He won’t let Jake push him around mentally, which is why Jake, in his frustration, resorted to the physical.

  8. Kris says:

    Snap; although a part of me so wants to answer that Jake reacted that way because he’s a total wanker, but I feel like I’m becoming a bit obsessive. 😉

  9. Jenre says:

    Hey, have just read on Wave’s site that you are going to be reviewing over there.Congratulations – You’ll be great!

  10. Tam says:

    Wow, do you really want to know my allegiances? LOL It will be a long post but I can’t comment on #1 because I’ve never read the books. So prepare to be bored but doing his beats doing laundry. Jake Riordan = Reserve comment until I read himNate = Umm, Nate who?Derek Craven = I had to google him to find out who he was too. No clue.Roarke = Ummm, see aboveLilith (Kris: If we’re having a token female then she has to be totally kick-arse) = Shit, I do read honest, the only Lilith I know is from Supernatural and that bitch killed Dean so I’m against her. Derek & Blue = umm, I seem to suck at this.Jake 'the jock' Campbell & Brandon 'the nerd' Bartlett = Woohoo, I know this one. Love them.the guy from Outlander that everyone talks about (Jen: Jamie Fraser) = When I read him years ago I was totally in love although I understand he has an abundance of body hair in places I really don’t want to know about.Johnnie & Tyler or Luc & Reese or Brent & Hell or Darien & Chris = Brent & Hellyaoi = Yay!the skinny heroine = Its okayreviews = of course, funny is good.BDSM = Light stuff is thumbs up, serious with blood, etc. is thumbs down.the ‘manly’ man = Sometimes. chocolate = Hell yes!m/f = Sure, sometimesm/m = Um, yeahheroes with chest hair = Surem/f/m ménage = Blech!m/m/f menage = Well, I have read this and it can be hot but its not my first choice.m/m/m menage = HOT!hubbys who don’t dance = I don’t have one either, so whatevercharacters who don’t eat or go to the toilet = Well, I don’t mind if I never have to read about them taking a dump, but never eating would be weird, unless its a supernatural thing.shifted sex = I can live with thischicks with dicks = I’m still a bit foggy on this one, I’d need an example.the twink = Very cute.the giggling or pouting male = Giggling while drunk can be cute, pouting to a limit, but not as a matter of habit.aliens with two penises = Weird, just weird.ebooks or print = Both.modern language in historical = Um, whatevergay for you = Why notgay because of mate/blood/chick bonds = I can live with thatwinning free ebooks = YIPPEE!!!!!!!!ebook prices too high = with the exchange rate these days they are too expensive. 😦 jock huffing = *standing looking lost and confused*m/m anonymous sex = I suppose.m/f anonymous sex = Why not if boys do it.red or white (wine not menz) = I don’t drink wine anymore (makes me gag) so I’ll go with red AND white men. (Canadian flag after all)love at first sight = Don’t believe in it but like to read about it – fantasy after alloral sex in medieval historical romance = No cluealpha heroes = YepHEA means marriage (no matter what the genre) = Nope, marriage is nice and sometimes work but HEA doesn’t HAVE to include that for me.

  11. Kris says:

    Thanks Jen. *blushes* I was pleased to be asked, although I’m not convinced that Wave may have done it to make up for her pro-Jake comments she’s been making all over the place. *g*

  12. Kris says:

    Tam, honey… CATCH UP! Lucky I know you're relatively new to the genre otherwise I'd be wondering where the hell you've been. LOL.Some answers for you:Nate = Is one of the main characters in J L Langley's 'My Fair Captain' – read it – it's good.Roarke = Nora Roberts as J D Robb series – m/f futuristic crimeLilith = Meljean Brook's 'Demon Angel' – m/f but good paranormal/urban fantasy – BTW, that baby Lilith sucked big time. Derek & Blue = Katrina Strauss' 'Blue Ruin' series – yaoi + BDSM = goodness.Good point re: 'love at first sight' and it definitely gives you that awww feeling when you read it.*wipes tear from eye* Your 'patriotism' is truly touching Tam. I'm sure Wave and others would approve. *g*Thanks for coming to play!

  13. Tam says:

    Yeah, yeah. Well you guys are on a first name basis with all these guys. LOL There are lots of Nate’s out there so wasn’t sure which one you meant. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉 ) I’ll get my act together, spend some money and get reading. Well, not likely Roarke or Lilith at this point, but the others.

  14. Jenre says:

    I should worry about it if I were you, Tam. I didn’t know who Lileth was either.Now, now, Kris, you shouldn’t be rude when new people come to play on your blog.Stick to being rude to me – you seem to get some sort of perverse pleasure in doing so. 😛

  15. Kris says:

    *snort* Thanks sooo much, Jen, for explaining my behaviour, and don;t worry you’re definitely on my list.(Un)fortunately Tam is familiar with me and my unique wit from Wave’s blog. Srsly though Tam if your saving your pennies and haven’t read it yet try ‘My Fair Captain’. It’s a terrific read. Sci fi regency with a planet full of gorgeous gay guys – you intrigued yet??

  16. Tam says:

    Kris: I’m not really saving my pennies but I should be. LOL I’ve bought a couple of stinkers lately so recommendations are always welcome, but then if I read that one I have to buy the second one in the series. 🙂 I like her work though so I should get my act together. Oh and don’t worry about your rudeness, I find it endearing. 😉

  17. Kris says:

    It’s not rudeness, Tam… it’s the Aussie sense of humour and mateship. I’ll so be using the cultural card every time I manage to upset anyone. LOL.

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