review, reviews and more reviews

In between feeling a teeny bit angsty about my new avatar, retail therapy and reading yesterday, I, in a fit of craziness energy, posted all of the reviews I’ve done for Wave at my Live Journal site so they would all be in the one place. Here’s the link for those interested: Kris ‘n’ Good Books.

Why don’t I post them here you ask?? Or at least provide a link to them on the day that they are posted?? I have absofrigginlutely no idea.

In all honesty I think it’s because I have no real interest in rating books or becoming solely a review blog. Happy to make recommendations and VERY happy to talk all other things books and life, but want to avoid too much seriousness like the plague. I’m having way too much fun asking questions, sharing my keepers, annoying authors until they come play with me us, designing a product range, writing were-kanga manga for a special someone’s upcoming b’day, etc, etc.

Anyway for those of you who are going to trot over to LJ and check out the reviews (as I’m sure you all will *rolls eyes*) I have to warn you that my earlier ones are scant shite at best. For those who want some help navigating the reviews here are my fave books (in no particular order):

* A Strong and Sudden Thaw by R W Day (YA, post-Apocalyptic)

* Angel Land by Victor J Banis (futuristic)

* Vintage: A Ghost Story by Steve Berman (YA, contemporary, paranormal)

* Masks: Rise of Heroes by Hayden Thorne (YA, fantasy)

* Turnskin by Nicole Kimberling (fantasy)

* A Face Without A Heart by Rick R Reed (contemporary, horror)

* Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy (contemporary)

* The Archer’s Heart by Astrid Amara (fantasy)

Oh, did I tell you these were all m/m fiction?? Just a warning for those not familiar with Wave’s review blog. 😉

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