tasting ‘one good turn’: tam’s choice

The Blurb:

When his parents get a gander at the sex tape sent by a blackmailer, they offer Kendall Turner a few weeks of “rest” in a cushy clinic. No, he says, and hotfoots it across the lawns of the family estate. KT isn’t his own worst enemy anymore; there’s a new candidate for the title. Suddenly, Kendall’s on the lam, trying to outrun a murder rap. Helping — by locking KT naked in their motel room — is his cousin Turn. KT has some issues: he manages to censor himself only when he lies, he’s been in love with cousin Turn since forever, and he really would rather kill himself than get more rest at another clinic.

Why I bought it:

It sounded like fun so I thought why not. Although the cousin thing… better in historicals. Just saying.

Dislike/like (ending on a high note):

Dislike~ Kendall – or KT – confuzzled me. The book was written from his POV and I felt a bit like I was watching a mystery/sitcom through a pot dhaze. Was he a loser or just completely naive?? Had the reign of terror of his father completed fucked him up?? I think I, as a reader, needed to get to grips with this protag through more in-depth characterisation or via a longer length story. (It seems as though this is the start of a series so perhaps my issues will be dealt with in the future.) Despite this…

Like~ I liked Kendall. (Are you beginning to understand my mixed feelings??) As an Aussie, I’m genetically predisposed to barracking for the underdog, especially one who steps up to the plate. So while Kendall had major issues, I liked the fact that he wasn’t always looking for someone to save his arse. Instead, he had a hidden resourcefulness and people underestimated him at their peril. Mwahahaha!

Dislike~ So much going on in this story. Too much at times in my view. I think the plot might have been better served without all of the twists and would have still offered up a fast-paced story with threads which could be dealt with in a sequel. *Hint, hint*

Like~ A BIT OF A SPOILER. Can I just say I liked the fact the reader finds out Kendall and Turn weren’t actually related. A lot less squicky for me, especially as they also (basically) had the same names. Put a whole new spin on the being in love with yourself concept and did weird me out a bit. I was very grateful when the non-rellie thing was revealed. Just call me Ms Prude.

So, what I think:

A pretty good read for a new-to-me author. I will definitely check out future work from her because I like her writing style and the series has great potential.


‘Tasting’ is my version of a mini-review where I talk a (very) little about what I liked and disliked about a book as well as who I think the story will appeal to. Oh, and I’ve added a bit about why I picked up the book in the first place – sometimes this can be interesting to know.

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14 Responses to tasting ‘one good turn’: tam’s choice

  1. Tracy says:

    Thank heavens and all that is in it that I read the spoiler! lol Cuz let me tell ya – it was more than freaking me out. Even in historicals it freaks me out. Just…eww.Great “taste”

  2. Kris says:

    Ta! Let’s hope Tam likes it. :)I get very ewwy with the cousins thing. I think it’s a holdover from reading all those historicals and imagining mutated children appearing down the line somewhere. Yuck.

  3. Tracy says:

    Mutated children that look like your avi? Maybe? Possibly.

  4. Kris says:

    First you call me a dork and now you take the piss out of my pretty avatar. *shelving plans to dress Boris up for a replacement photo* Are you being mean to me for any particular reason or just cos??

  5. Tracy says:

    I’m only snarky (bite your tongue for saying mean) to those I love and appreciate. As I said – I love the kitty with the wig immensely and will hereto forgo any snarky comments made toward said kitty.

  6. Kris says:

    Awww, you love me. *sniffle*Said drag kitty is pleased to the cessation (Just used this word in one of the histories I’m writing. I like it 🙂 ) of snarky comments.

  7. Tracy says:

    Is drag Kitty’s name Orville? lol

  8. Kris says:

    Don’t be silly.Drag kitty’s name is Sheldon.

  9. Tam says:

    Long live Sheldon. He never got a fair shake. Thanks. That blurb confused the hell out of me. They call him three different names in two sentences or something like that. And why was he locked in the hotel room? Cousins doesn’t totally squick me out, but finding out they aren’t related is better. So it makes more sense than the blurb? If so I might put it on my list. Thanks love.

  10. Kris says:

    Re: the hotel – It was a locked up for his own good kind of thing. The story definitely makes more sense than the blurb, although I still reckon there was lots and lots going on plot wise. And, hey, no probs. :)Sheldon is Queen!

  11. orannia says:

    Thank you Kris! Hmmm…I just read a book that had….let’s just say a relationship beween two characters (secondary) that were a lot more closely related than cousins…. *shivers*Scary avi Kris!

  12. Kris says:

    Icky r/ships = not so good.Iz not scary. Iz Queenly. Hee, hee.

  13. Tracy says:

    Sheldon. What a great name! 🙂

  14. Kris says:

    I know. 😉

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