I finished reading Cassandra Clare’s awesome The Mortal Instruments series last night. *Had to brave the wild weather yesterday to go get the last book after gobbling up the first two on Saturday. Loved it. Loved it muchly.*

Anyway, before I started reading City of Glass I clicked on the telly, played the movie I’d recorded on Friday night, fastforwarded to the section I wanted to see the most, and danced around my lounge room *much to the bemusement of the boy kittens* singing Xanadu at the top of my lungs.

Later, I’m smiling away cos everyone’s going to live HEA when I come across this little scene:

“You could dress it up with a sequined headband,” Magnus suggested, offering his boyfriend something blue and sparkly. “Just a thought.”

“Resist the urge, Alec.” Simon was sitting on the edge of a low wall with Maia beside him, though she appeared to be in deep conversation with Aline. “You’ll look like Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu.”


See! Spooky!!!

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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20 Responses to spooky

  1. Sean Kennedy says:

    I can't touch anything by Cassandra Clare ever since I found out about her rather… interesting… history.

  2. Kris says:

    Well, don't leave me in suspense, Sean. Give.

  3. Tam says:

    Geez Sean, nothing more annoying than someone who gives a teaser then disappears. Spill it or at least give us a link to find it on the internet. LOL Hmmm. Was it her reporting on Britney Spears sans underwear?

    I have had stuff like that. I can't remember off hand but it will be some weird thing come up, a strange food or a name and then boom, its everywhere within 24 hours. But Xanadu is a truly freaky coincidence. πŸ™‚

  4. Kris says:

    I know! “Xanadu” of all things. It was absolutely freaky. Not the movie cos that's awesome, but the fact that I taped it, just watched the end of it and then it was mentioned in the book too. Spooky!

  5. Matthew says:

    It happens all the time to me. For no apparent reason I start humming or singing a song and a few hours later I hear it on radio or TV.

  6. orannia says:

    Very, very spooky!

    And I have to say, I'm intrigued about Sean's comments because I thought the covers looked pretty and wanted to know more!

  7. Ingrid says:

    The books have very nice covers Kris!
    Will have to read SeanΒ΄s article later since I am still at work. *g*

  8. Kris says:

    Matthew: You are the most highly rated on the spook-o-meter. The humming and then hearing thing has only happened to me once. I was with my Baby Brother at the time and it was an Australian Crawl song, so rather than freaky everything was golden. πŸ™‚

    Orannia: Very! The covers are gorgeous, aren't they? The stories are great too.

    Sean: Holy Molely! A debacle is the right way to describe it, although I only read the first post in detail and skimmed the rest. I think one word sums up the situation and that is 'fandom', whether it be positive or negative, and the pitfalls thereof.

    Ingrid: The covers are very cool and, I'm superficial enough to admit, what attracted me to the books.

  9. Has anything like this ever happened to you?


  10. Kassa says:

    I have to say thank you Sean. Emmyjag posted the link in twitter and I must have spent 3 hrs I don't have fascinated by the entire story.

    I wouldn't trust a single word Cassandra Clare put out. In a few years we'll find out which sources she completely plagarized for her printed books.

    For those that felt the link was TL,DR : just look at the page where the side by side comparisons are given. Regardless of anything else, that much stealing (whether in fanfic or not) is going to be habit :(.

    Sad because the covers are gorgeous Kris!

  11. Kris says:

    Emmy: *couhcowcough*

    Kassa: The whole thing is depressing, especially those comparisons. *sigh* Oh well. I think I'm gonna play ostrich and stay that way until someone somewhere tells me otherwise.

  12. Sean Kennedy says:

    Kassa, it even gets more and more interesting the more times you read it. That and the Ms. Scribe debacle are two infamous fandom tales that everybody should acquaint themselves with, and learn from!

  13. orannia says:

    I have the first book on hold at my library, but I think I need to visit that link. Thank you Sean!

  14. Tracy says:

    Cool book covers.

    Tracy – who's attempting to be conservative with her words. πŸ™‚

  15. Kris says:

    Orannia: Cool covers, great books, crappy background. *shrugs*

    Tracy: Considering the number of blogs you frequent, I'm not surprised you have word fatigue. πŸ™‚

  16. Tracy says:

    Eh – it goes in spurts. I mean the words, not the blogs. πŸ™‚

  17. Kris says:

    I had a very weird arse visual of a word spurt just then. LOL.

  18. Kris-

    I haven't read the books myself, though I see them all the time.

    I just spent most of yesterday afternoon reading Meredith Duran. Loved them!

    I'm now awaiting New Book Tuesday (yay!) and about a gazillion books that are coming out. *sigh* My biggie is Richelle Mead's next Vampire Academy book. Yes, I'm almost 33, but I love me some YA books, thank you! πŸ˜€

  19. Kris says:

    Hi Bridget

    They're very good. I've only recently heard of the Meredith Duran books so will definitely need to check them out.

    At 34, I'm pretty sure that I'm reading more YA than I ever did when I was a teenager… not only that but I'm reading more and more as the years go by. Work that one out. LOL.

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