the mumma’s guest taste: dash & dingo

Dash and Dingo by Catt Ford & Sean Kennedy

The Blurb:

Stodgy British archivist Henry Percival-Smythe slaves away in the dusty basement of Ealing College in 1934, the only bright spot in his life his obsession with a strange Australian mammal, the thylacine. It has been hunted to the edge of extinction, and Henry would love nothing more than to help the rare creature survive.

Then a human whirlwind spins through his door. Jack “Dingo” Chambers is also on the hunt for the so-called “Tasmanian Tiger,” although his reasons are far more altruistic. Banding together, Dingo and the newly nicknamed Dash travel halfwaytd around the globe in their quest to save the thylacine from becoming a footnote in the pages of biological history.

While they search high and low, traverse the wilds, and fight the deadliest of all creatures—man—Dash and Dingo will face danger and discover another fierce passion within themselves: a desire for each other.

Why I bought it:

I am really very lucky, Sean feels sorry for me ‘cos I’m Kris’s Mumma so he sent his book to me as a present. I love Sean!

Dislike/like (ending on a high note):


Honestly, I can’t say that there is anything to dislike about this novel. To be really nitpicky – call me the pedantic English teacher – one of the things I could say is that I was bothered by the fact that the letter Dash received from Gordon Austin in the first chapter was written in capitals and had no paragraphs.


Enjoyed the characters immensely, in particular Dash. I really enjoy male characters who start out geeky and have hidden elements of ‘Action Man’ behind the façade. When it came to him using the f*** word, I could almost see that change come about him. You know the one I mean, “well hell, I am not at home, why shouldn’t I express myself in this way.” The further into the story the more Dash came out of his shell and became real.

Dingo was also a well written character although there were times when I felt that he may have been almost too Australian. Australian readers may possibly understand it when I say Dingo gave me “The Castle cringe.”

Jarrah is also a delightful character to get to know, I liked the idea that he was Tasmanian born – it rebuffs the tale of the “last Tasmanian Aboriginal”, that we all learned about in school.


The quirky chapter headings, I enjoyed them immensely.

Once again, lots of dialogue which if you read my tasting of Tigers and Devils you will know I love! I feel that one can gain a great deal of information about a character in reading what they say AND how they say it.

So, what I think:

Dash and Dingo has an excellent storyline with a timely theme and, is a truly great read. The combination of Sean Kennedy and Catt Ford worked very well for me. My first book with smexin’, and surprise surprise, I had no problems reading it. Thanks so much for a delicate introduction.

When is the next one coming out? 😉


‘Tasting’ is my/Kris’ version of a mini-review where I talk a (very) little about what I liked and disliked about a book as well as who I think the story will appeal to. Oh, and I’ve added a bit about why I picked up the book in the first place – sometimes this can be interesting to know.

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9 Responses to the mumma’s guest taste: dash & dingo

  1. Kris says:

    Thanks for doing this guest taste, Mumma.

    Besides my whole 'I dislike historicals to the power of infinity' thing I've got going, I think my main issue with D&D was that I thought Dingo was at times caricaturish.

    With my insta-cringe for Aussies being portrayed in this kind of way, it did take me a while to get into the book and to also realise that Dingo seemed to put on this act at certain times. I was pretty okay with it by the end.

  2. orannia says:

    Thank you Kris' Mumma!

  3. Tam says:

    So glad you enjoyed the book. Sean is an excellent writer (along with Cat of course).

    Too funny about critiquing the letter. LOL You teacher's never quit. Hope you have a super Christmas with the kidlets.

    Yeah Sean, when's the next one?

  4. Great reviewing job Kris's Mumma!

  5. Lily says:

    Awesome review, Kris's Mumma! This was a great story and a good way to get into the smexin' side of M/M.

    @Sean… So, when is the next book coming out?

    Happy Holidays 🙂

  6. Jenre says:

    Great review Kris' Mumma! I liked the book too and didn't mind about Dingo seeming too Australian because that is how Australians are right? I've seen Crocodile Dundee and so it must be true ;).

    Sean: No pressure for the next book then :).

  7. Sean Kennedy says:

    Aww, thanks, Mumma! You have very good taste. Better than your daughter's when it comes to this book anyway 😉

    Kris, I agree with you about Dingo coming across as cariacturish, but I guess maybe we didn't make it so obvious that it is definitely an act he puts on so that people misread him.

    Thanks, Tam, Lily, Jen and everyone else! Umm, the sequel is being worked upon. We're not as far into it as we would have liked by now, but hopefully will get back into it by the new year. We've both been swamped and are still working out some plot issues.

  8. Sean Kennedy says:

    Plus, I set myself this stupid challenge of finishing the first draft of the steampunk by Christmas. Yeah, that's not going so well either.

  9. Mumma J says:

    Thanks to you all for those nice words…

    Tam: what can I say, once a teacher , always a teacher!

    Lily: yeh, the smexin' was very easy in the reading.

    Jenre: Yes, we all sound a bit like Crocodile Dundee – NOT.
    Mumble-bloody poms-mumble!

    Sean: thanks for giving me the opportunity to read D&D, I loved it.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

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