heroes that make you go ‘ungh’


You know how I’ve been bored, right. I think I may have mentioned it a few times.

Anyways, yesterday, when Chris and Wren were encouraging my randomness, I came up with yet another awesome idea.

Let’s hold a competition for the steamiest of heroes and the winner will receive the soon-to-be-infamous Ungh* Award!

I know! It’s so friggin’ unreal, even if I do say so myself. *beams*

All you have to do is nominate the hero who most makes you melt into a puddle of… something – it can be m/m or m/f, but only the one! – as well as his story.

Once nominations close at Monday 12 noon my time, I’ll suck up to Tam to get her to create a votey widget thing and, yadda, yadda, yadda, he who gets the highest unghs wins.

See. Fun!

Get thee with the nominateeng!

*Ungh: A sound frequently read in m/m romance and erotica. It is usually made by the recipient of a particularly smutty touch from his lover’s hand or mouth, especially a BJ, and often accompanied by recipient’s head falling back to hit a wall – plastered or tiled – or on to a pillow/the back of a couch.

It is also a term used by certain irreverent readers to describe the most sexiest of heroes and other erotic moments. For eg, “Fuck. Did you read that scene where Nate got himself off in front of Aiden?” “Tell me about it. *fans self* It made me go ‘ungh’.”

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52 Responses to heroes that make you go ‘ungh’

  1. orannia says:

    We have to pick one? Cruel… *puts thinking cap on*

  2. Kris says:

    Angelia: As a reader, I think it's fascinating to see what authors actually envisage their characters to be like. Thanks again for sharing. 🙂

    Orannia: My awards. My rules. *hehehe*

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