mia’s story: your choices

Srsly. It’s like I have a gift or something.

The results are in and I gotta say I’m a bit disappointed in y’all (check out my Texan accent that I’ve been practicing). I was really hoping that the Trekkies would win the day, but alas it was a total failure. 😦

Anyways the choices that got the most votes are as follows:

1. the setting ~ a building earmarked for demolition

2. some background to one of the main protags ~ one is sucked in to doing a favour for a friend

3. another character/s ~ a lavender-haired matron in a twin set and pearls, who is constantly pinching butts

4. a conflict ~ one has a panic attack whenever he sees red M&Ms

5. an object/phrase to be mentioned in the story somewhere ~ a split trouser seam revealling a pink, lace g-string

What the hell a bum pinching granny would be doing on a construction site is beyond me.

Lucky for you lot it’s not up to me to write your story, but Mia Watts.

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that she’s the lucky one. *mwahahahahahaha!*

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30 Responses to mia’s story: your choices

  1. Lily says:


    Thank you. I've been feeling yucky today (stayed home from work even) and that picture just made my day. Your gift for finding just the right one for your posts is amazing. 😀

    Good luck with the story Mia. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Mia Watts says:


    I can do this. No worries… (I think)

  3. Matthew says:

    He. He. He. Goood luck, Mia! He. He. He.

  4. My pink thong lace panties are all in a twist awaiting this!

    And I must say, I prefer Green M&ms

  5. Jenre says:

    Blogger is playing up so I can't see your pic :(.

    Good luck Mia. I'm sure you'll rise to the challenge :).

  6. Jenre – Glad to hear I'm not the only one witnessing blogger in a snit!

  7. You can do it Mia! 🙂
    Sorry, I didn't vote Kris, I would've picked the Trekkies to make you happy 😉

    I was about to go call my internet provider for being slow again, but I'm glad to hear it's just blogger…
    I have to come back for the pic then 🙂

  8. Ingrid says:

    very appropriate pic Kris!

  9. Jenre says:

    Ha! Blogger's sorted itself out so I can see the pic now. Very good, Kris. You certainly do have a gift, LOL!

  10. Too funny, that pic! 🙂

  11. Good luck, Mia!

    Kris, you have a superpower!

  12. nichem says:

    LOL! Where do you find these pics?

    Good luck, Mia!

  13. Kris says:

    *takes a bow*

    Thank you all. I must admit that I was a teensy worried, but the google fu is strong with me. 🙂

    Mia: No worries???

    Chris, you know where she lives just in case an, err, visit is required, right?

    Janna: Next time. I'm counting on you. Don't let me down. 😉

  14. *hangs head* sorry, Kris 😉

  15. Kris says:

    *sniff* So you should be, Janna. 😉

  16. Chris says:

    That picture is teh awesome!

    Hey, did I see Matthew volunteer his authorial skills for a future round up there in the comments?!

  17. Tracy says:

    Oh darn! I'm so behind on my blogging that I missed choosing. Ah well, I'm sure it will be a fabulous story. Thanks Mia – good luck. 🙂

  18. Kris says:

    Chris: Matthew is next! He would have gone to the top of the list anyways. Anyone who can mention platypus, astrophysics and an angel getting a dick in the one short story is tops, imho. *g*

    Tracy: If you tell me that you would have voted for the Star Trek choices, you'll be going on my shit list with Janna too.

  19. Finally I get to see the pink thong pic. Damn, if only I looked as good.

  20. Cecile says:

    Mia, I know you can do this!! YOU CAN DOOO IT!

    Kris… love ya hon!

    And yes, you rock at finding that “just right” picture.

  21. Matthew says:

    *panics* So leaving Australia didn't work. I have to change my name a and run away to North Pole.

  22. orannia says:

    Mia – I have complete faith that you can do this!

    Not quite sure what the problem with red M&Ms y'all *grin*

  23. Kris says:

    KC: “Finally I get to see the pink thong pic. Damn, if only I looked as good.”

    Word. I am also making a rule that all construction workers who come to my house must wear pink g-strings and, most importantly, have the arse to pull it off.

    Cecile: “Kris… love ya hon!”

    Ditto! *g* I am a Goddess of the Cookie.

    Matthew: “*panics* So leaving Australia didn't work. I have to change my name a and run away to North Pole.”

    O_o What ever gave you that idea. You poor, deluded boy.

    Orannia: Nice Texan accent. It must be a southern thing. 😉

  24. “you'll be going on my shit list with Janna too.”

    Hey, I said sorry didn't I? Get me of that list, missy. Uh, please?

  25. Jambrea says:

    Good luck, Mia! heehee

  26. Chris says:

    Jambrea sounds pretty smug for someone who's on the author list…

  27. Kris says:

    Janna: Cookies first.

    Jambrea: What Chris said.

  28. Jambrea says:

    Who? Me? No…I was just showing Mia that I have TOTAL faith in her. 🙂

  29. Kris says:

    Yeah, yeah. 😉

  30. Mia Watts says:

    Matthew: That's the pattern. We're seeing it pop up less than readable timing. Go on over to fictionwise. Look up any m/m book or menage book and you'll see what I mean. We've found that usually the first to third rating is “poor” within minutes sometimes.

    Maybe there's a way around the purchase? I don't know. I never buy from Fictionwise since the royalty to the author is less. I like to go directly to the Publishing house.

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