dj k’s classic ozzie love songs for romance reading: #1






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32 Responses to dj k’s classic ozzie love songs for romance reading: #1

  1. Val says:

    OMG, this totally brings back memories, too! The 1970s were such a weird decade, ha, ha!

  2. Amora says:

    OMG, I haven't heard this song in ages!!!! LOL, thanks for the flashback :))

  3. Tracy says:

    I haven't heard that one in a darned long time! Very nice.

    I also like the short tight t-shirt he's wearing. Did men actually wear that stuff and think they looked good? lol

  4. Lily says:

    What a trip down memory lane. I love this song although I didn't know he was from Down Under.

    Great choice!

  5. K. Z. Snow says:


    (Tam, where are you? Why don't you counter this with some Gino Vannelli Canadian-style romance? Show Kris what Seventies lovin' — and hair and fashion — were really about!)

  6. C. F. says:


  7. Tam says:

    What's with the camera angle looing up his nostrils. Is the cameraman and ENT? At 1:15, after looking up his nostrils he looks totally stoned, but happy. LOL

    Ummm. Loverboy, tomorrow. Tight red leather pants. LOL Maybe some Gino Vanelli for KZ.

  8. holy crap I've been sucked back to my childhood dancing in those wrap-around skirts! LOL



  9. KT Grant says:

    I was expecting Barry White.

    I so want to do a post like this on my blog now. Will you use your artistic skills to make me a DJ KB picture?

  10. Bitchin' to the max!

  11. Chris says:

    One I actually recognize! *gasp*

  12. My mom played that silly song so much – so much, it was unbelievable..

    I also didn't know he was from your neck of the wood…

    Whats up with the t-shirt…

    **Now please send DJK home***


  13. Kris says:

    Val: Good memories I hope, Val. 🙂

    Amora: Welcome! *g* I do love this song.

    Tracy: Most people will probably recognise it from when JPY redid it for Strictly Ballroom.

    Go the tighty whitey. Rawr.

  14. Kris says:

    Lily: Yep, he's an Aussie too.

    “Great choice!”

    *writes that down*

    KZ & Castanet: Move on already. Geezus.

    Tam: “… he looks totally stoned, but happy…”

    But of course he does cos… 'Love' Is In The Air! 😉

  15. Ingrid says:

    Finally one I know and not from Strictly Ballroom.

  16. Kris says:

    MsM: LOL. I would have been about 3 or 4 at the time. I'll have to ask the Mumma if I liked to dance to this one. 🙂

    Katiebabs chook: I'm sure it would have been Barry if DJ K had been doing a Top 5 Classic Fucking songs.

    “Will you use your artistic skills to make me a DJ KB picture?”

    Anything for you, dearest. 🙂

    Wren: “Bitchin' to the max!”


  17. Kris says:

    Chris: zOMG. What is the world coming too?! 😛

    EH: “**Now please send DJK home**”

    Well, she was hoping to stay a little while longer…

    Ingrid: One you know? Cool. 🙂

  18. Jenre says:

    I didn't even realise that this guy was Australian!

    Well, I'm disappointed that neither Men at Work nor Kylie and Jason featured in your top 5 – surely Especially For You has to be the no 1 smaltzy Aussie-sang song eva. Surely.

  19. jitterbug says:

    I didn't know this song came out of Oz either… and I'll stop at that ;).

    I'm with Tam – what's with all those close-ups of his nostrils?? And BTW, I suspect that the 'LOVE' hovering in the air was in reality a dose of nitrous oxide ;).

  20. Kris says:

    Jenre: I'm pretty sure that song was a bigger hit in England than it was in Oz.

    Sara: Good decision since you seem to keep forgetting that I know where you live.

  21. Eyre says:

    Okay, I like this song. It's not INXS, but it'll do.

    Folks, I think the nostril shots are meant illustrate how he knows that love is in the air.

  22. Lea says:

    A sentimental blast from the past! Good one, I love this song Kris!

    I didn't realize he was an Auzzie.

    Thanks. 😉

  23. Kris says:

    Eyre: *writes this one down in the books too*

    JPY proves he can sniff it out. *g*

    Lea: “I love this song Kris!”

    Me too. I've been bopping away to it all morning. 🙂

  24. hdsmith says:

    For some reason it reminded me of the theme to The Love Boat.

    veriword – dangs what I said when you dissed Savage Garden

  25. Kris says:

    Heidi: LOL! It does a bit.

    “dangs what I said when you dissed Savage Garden”

    It's not what I said. 😛

  26. Kaetrin says:

    OH YES!!!!!

    My bridesmaids danced down the aisle to the Strictly Ballroom version at my wedding. I LOVE THIS SONG!!

    thx dj k!

  27. dj k says:


    *diamond tooth grin*

  28. Sean Kennedy says:

    HDU, Kris. Kylie and Jason were #1 here with that particular hit!

  29. JenB says:

    Bunch of old farts.


  30. orannia says:

    Oh that hair! And while I don't remember the original, I do remember it from Strictly Ballroom. Love that movie!

  31. Kris says:

    Jen, you beeyotch! You can run, but you can't hide!

    Orannia: I love Strictly Ballroom too. It is so over the top and sappy that's it just wonderful. 🙂

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