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There have been some really thought provoking posts as well as a few seriously wankity diatribes about reviewers and reviewing lately so when I came across this quote on tumblr it really hit home.

This is a truth that I think we all need to remember.

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15 Responses to random awesomeness

  1. Tam says:

    So true. We can't help but see things through our own coloured lenses of experience and opinion. You can't NOT do it.

  2. Chris says:

    Perfect, especially for that whole crazy reviewing mess.

  3. Love it, it's very timely. And true.

  4. Emilie says:

    It just never goes well if an e-book author responds angrily to a bad review in public. And as we know, the Internet is very public. I hear of it happening at least once every couple of months, and I'm sure it happens far more often than that. It just confirms the “do not respond” advice the more sensible people give each time I hear about it.

  5. Kris says:

    Tam: Exactly. There is no such thing as objectivity because every opinion etc is coloured by the people who we are at that particular point in time.

    Chris: I agree. I couldn't believe it when I came across it on Tumblr after just reading about the latest shit storm.

    Patti: It is very true. I just wish the people on opposing sides would remember that when they start attacking each other over reviews and reactions to reviews. *sigh*

    Emilie: Every time I see yet another wankfest on this same issue, I too become more and more convinced that it is best for authors to not comment on any review, even those they consider to be 'good'. It just doesn't seem to be worth it.

  6. KB/KT Grant says:

    Since this week made me want to hide under my bed forever, I needed this. The reason we feel the way we do is because of our reactions to things. Must remember that.

  7. I swear that after every author is published they should be forced to take an “Author Behavior 101” course. Maybe then they could learn what is okay and what's just plain rude. While I've received bad reviews before, it never crossed my mind to lash out because of them. I just pull up my big-girl panties and move on. My stress level is so much better for it.

  8. Kris says:

    KBC: I'm so sorry you've had a bad week of it, hun. I'm here if you need me.

    You might like something I heard last year that also hit home with me because it's something I'm not always good at, especially when the black dog is with me. It was this:

    “We can't change what others do or say, but we CAN change the way we react to them.”

    Good, yes.

    Stephani: I love your attitude even though I imagine it must be really hard sometimes to deal with some of the shit that is said.

  9. orannia says:

    That is…so true! You always bring all your experiences and preconceptions to the table with you. They can change over time, but they are always there.

    I couldn't believe it when I came across it on Tumblr after just reading about the latest shit storm.

    There's been another? Where have I been?

  10. Janna says:

    I've missed the things that have been going on in review land these weeks, but I love this quote. It's spot on. 🙂

  11. Ingrid says:

    I read the original blog post. OMG! How low can you go??? That writer missed the point completely somewhere

    Great quote Kris

  12. Kris says:


    Orannia: There has been another. Not sure why any of us get so surprised when it happens though. *sigh*

    Janna: Not sure you missed that much. It was pretty much the same old shit. And thanks.

    Ingrid: Crazy, wasn't it. One of the things that also got me was that the author attempted to get rid of her original post. She should know by now that there's really no way of hiding such things. It ALWAYS gets found out.

  13. Cat Grant says:

    Hey, Kris. First time commenting here.

    This topic is particularly resonant for me. Every time I see this sort of thing, I want to say:

    Whenever an author argues with a reviewer, a kitten dies.

    Save a pussy – don't be a douche!

  14. Kris says:





    You killed me, Cat. *grin*

    Totally agree with you, btw. There's also a certain irony to some romance authors being fucktards. There goes all my Barbara Cartland stereotypes flying out the window. ;P

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