POVs & encounters with my baby brother: 17

Okay, firstly, I just have to say ‘realise’ is spelt with an ‘s’ and now that I’ve corrected the English of a lolcat…  As one generally does…  Naturally…

For those relatively new to me, I adore my Baby Brother (aka the BB) and my encounters with him are much fodder for my site.  He makes me laugh and he makes me think.

It’s the latter which has inspired this post.  In particular, two recent chats I’ve had with him about books or in his case movies because he doesn’t read.

Let’s not go there.

Conversation 1

The BB: I totally broke the code of ‘Moby Dick’ the other day.

Me: You read ‘Moby Dick’!?  You????

The BB: *don’tbesofuckingstupidlook*  I watched the movie.  Anyway, I know what it’s about.

Me: *whydowealwayshavethisdiscussionaboutmealsoknowingwhatthemovieisaboutbecauseI’vereadthebooksigh*

The BB:  Don’t bother.  It’s not about some guy and a whale and obsession and all that crap.  It’s about lemmings.

Me: O.o

The BB:  Yeah.  The crew members are all a bunch of sheep, who get the chance to jump ship, but follow the psycho back out to catch the whale when it’s obvious they’re all going to die. So, yeah, ‘Moby Dick’ is all about mind control.  The blind leading the blind.  They’re a cult.

Me:  *preparesherselfforadeepandmeaningfulbreath*  Alrighty then…

Conversation 2

The BB: Herman Melville.

Me: *notdoingthisagainchangethesubjectquickthought*  Mum said you watched ‘The Hunger Games’ the other day.  Did you like it?

The BB:  It’s a bunch of crap.

Me: Say what?!

The BB:  Yeah.

Me: Are you serious?

The BB:  I didn’t even watch the first half-n-hour of it, Kris.  It was stupid.

Me:  Well, you know I prefer the books over the movies anyway.  The book was awesome so I’m not sure I really want to watch the mov-

The BB: *shejustdoesn’tgetitsigh*  No.  The idea of it is stupid.

Me: o.O

The BB:  What parent would let their kid go off to die in a game?

Me:  *preparesherselfforanotherdeepandmeaningfulbreath*  But that was the nature of the world they were living in.  They didn’t have a choi-

The BB:  *doesn’twantanotherdeepandmeaningfulbecausehedoesn’tbelieveit’sevenworthamomentmoreofhistimeimpatientsound*  That’s fucking bullshit.  They’re their parents.  You always have a choice.

Me:  Well.


Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to get you thinking.

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13 Responses to POVs & encounters with my baby brother: 17

  1. Chris says:


  2. John J. says:

    *dies laughing*

  3. Tamara says:

    Yeah. Parenting. The job that can lift your heart to the skies or rip it to shreds. Sometimes both at the same time.

  4. Jenre says:

    It just goes to show how much we take for granted when reading books and it takes someone special like your BB to show us the error of our ways. Perhaps you could stand him on street corners so that he can proclaim to the bewildered shoppers of Perth how they are being fooled by their great works of literature/popular fiction. Like Jeremiah he will be scorned and shunned, but in years to come people will look back on his great words and finally appreciate his no-nonsense approach to the plotting in books.

  5. Kassa says:

    Imagine the difference face of books if BB was in charge of the editing.

  6. orannia says:

    Your BB so totally rocks!

    And LOL WRT your last comment 🙂

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