things that make you go O.o


You know you’ve been reading too many shifter books when you start yelling at the book because the author is doing the mating thing wrong.

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8 Responses to things that make you go O.o

  1. Juni says:

    It’s always the ‘knot’ latching onto prostate thingy that I find myself trying (& failing) to visualise. Considering the prostate can be felt from 2-3″ inside the rectum, & I’ve never read a shifter tale where the mc has a less than a forearm-sized willy, I can’t work out how the latching on occurs–does it have strange sucker offshoots that ping out, or perhaps a concertina effect, or …

    • Kris says:

      And now I have an image of a concertina dick, or maybe a slinky ( version…


      Anyways, everyone knows the knot is at the bottom (har. har.) of the peen, hence the being locked together for hours on end after sex whilst the sperm is absorbed by the receiver thereby beginning the process of changing their DNA to better match their mate. This includes such things as better healing, some shifter traits, perhaps a psychic gift or two, a longer life span and a permanent mating mark.

      Of course, all this can only work if the sex is unprotected and climax coincides with a bite where the neck meets the shoulder. The end.

  2. Juni says:

    Ooh! You can tell it’s a theme that i’m not overly familiar with. I had wondered if it swelled like a big doughnut at the base, but then thought that it would have to be tennis-ball sized in order to cause pressure on the prostate & so I gave up. I’ll have to try them again–perhaps I’ll strike lucky & it will have mpreg, too.

  3. Juni says:

    & now I find I’m whiling away my evening searching for mating knots when I should be packing!

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