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more on communities: a better late than never ramble

As I said in this post, it’s the way in which the phrase ‘m/m community’ has been flung around over the last 12 months – not unlike Harry yelling Expelliarmus – that has had me thinking.I’m probably one of many people … Continue reading

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who are the true romantics of m/m? the poll results

Apparently it took me a few days to work out that the only way I could see the results of my poll was to use my iPad.  Yeah.  I’ve no bloody idea why either. But on to the results!   … Continue reading

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’embrace the rainbow’ goes live!

As some of you know, last November, Aleksandr Voinov, Amara Devonte and I started the ‘embrace the rainbow’ campaign. We are now extremely excited to announce the launch of our website! The main objective of the site and blog, … Continue reading

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‘i see myself’: embrace the rainbow

In the past few days, we have been privileged to witness an increasing awareness and understanding within the m/m romance community about the complex issues of gender/s and sexuality/ies. This has been a significant and positive step forward in healing … Continue reading

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