What is a good book or makes a book good?

I have been thinking about the answer to this question for about a week or so now ever since I thought that I would like to discuss it in a blog.

In that week, I have read the results of the survey by Wave asking readers and authors the question ‘how do you like your m/m romance?‘ as well as a couple of interesting reviews: one by Lisabea and the second by Teddypig.

For me, these were especially thought provoking. Some of the comments had me nodding my head in agreement, and others found me fingers ready at the keyboard to take up defense. Above all else however, the blogs and the responses posted challenged me to articulate – in my own mind at least – what it was that I liked or disliked about a particular book or genre and just what was it I wanted in a ‘good’ story.

Yes, it’s the quality of the writing, the simplicity – or complexity as the case may be – of the plot, the depth of the characterisation, the point of view, the development of setting, whether the story or the people depicted in it are believable… it’s all that and much more.

I think one of the most important and exciting aspects about books is the attitude and belief system/s that the reader brings to them. This is one of the things I love about books/fiction more than any other medium is that the reading of the story is such a subjective and intensely personal experience. The fact that a book can be open to various interpretations and imaginations; sometimes in spite of what the author intended.

I guess what I am trying to say is this intangible aspect of a book; my reading of the story, is just as important to me if not more so at times than the actual writing of it.

I know when a story evokes an emotion or reaction within me – whether it be positive or negative, big or small – I have become so involved that at some level I have ‘enjoyed’ the reading of it. This makes it a good book to my mind.

Maybe this is too simplistic of me?? Who knows.

But ultimately the greatest kind of book to me is one when you get to the end, sit back and think ‘wow, I need to read that again’.

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