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guess who’s who: the winner

So, you all completely sucked at guessing our names for our new reviewing reviews blog. I thought it was pretty fucking obvious myself, but clearly no one can be as awesome as I. Take heart, though! None of you did … Continue reading

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story of my life: lb gregg and kris see dead people

I have been sharing some of the truly weird shit which seems to happen constantly with me on my tumblr blog and it reminded me of a co-incident that occurred last year when I was chatting with L B Gregg … Continue reading

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‘guess who’s who’: the lb gregg edition

Which everyone should have realised by now means that this ‘guess who’s who’ will be slightly different to the first one. Nothing to do with my being random, but everything to do with m/m author L B Gregg. Just sayin’. … Continue reading

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too beautiful not to share

I just read this beautiful and moving post, which I found via Lisabea, and felt the immediate need to share it with you all. I hope you will be as touched as I was.

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major kris ‘n’ good books red alert*

*already edited before it was even published Up until the morning of Sunday 10 January 2010, I, Kris, of Kris ‘n’ Good Books, had managed to resist the pimpage of the German soap opera, Alles Was Zahlt. And then this … Continue reading

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firsts series: fetishes (part 2)

*pats bubble butt* Is there any point in giving three guesses as to who is going to eww on this firsts topic, which is, if you hadn’t already guessed, about jock huffing? For those of you who’ve no idea what … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

… I’ve been reading a lot of descriptors in m/m romance lately along the lines of ‘as thick as his wrist’. This is something I’m used to seeing in het romance, but never really noticed how frequently it came up … Continue reading

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tasting victor j banis (a twofer)

Sounds kinky, yes? Hee, hee. Deadly Nightshade & Deadly Wrong by Victor J Banis Deadly Nightshade – The Blurb:Straight cop, gay cop, and a woman who “isn’t real.” Tom and Stanley are on the trail of a drag queen serial … Continue reading

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it’s a small, small world

I’ve read a number of thought-provoking discussions this past week.The first was by Lisabea in which she talked about readers being positively and negatively influenced by the personalities of authors. The second was Jenre’s response to this post and some … Continue reading

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When is it okay to be 19?

##inspired by Lisabea – see previous post##So when is it okay for a young man – and, yes, I am talking about m/m fiction – to become involved in a serious relationship in a story? Is it okay when he … Continue reading

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