La Nora

Last week Nora Roberts’ Salvation in Death was released in Australia, which was about time since it seems like it’s been out everywhere else for bloody ages, and so I quickly purchased myself a copy.

I also took the opportunity (like I needed an excuse *g*) to buy The Pagan Stone; the final book in the Blood Brothers trilogy, so I had me a wonderful NR fix.

Goddamn, the lady is a fantastic author.

I could go on and on about La Nora – I have two book shelves of her work after all-, but I thought would ‘attempt’ to pick my top five of her books.

An intro to my first couple of choices – For me to read a series with the same protagonists, the books must not only be way above par in the technical areas such as writing, plot, world-building/setting, characterisation, etc, but I need to really engage and have an affinity with the main characters.

I love the In Death series. As indicated above, as soon as a new book is released I drop everything just to read it.

One of the things I like the most about the series is that the stories challenge my beliefs, especially my perception of right and wrong as well as my sense of justice.

I also think Eve Dallas; her vulnerability, her strength, her passion for justice, her tough bitch cop attitude, her compassion, her loyalty to her friends, her love and relationship with Roarke, is probably one of the most well-developed characters I’ve ever read.

My first two picks are books from this series and are ones which have really resonated with me:


1. Origin In Death~ The concept of designer children and the likelihood someone, somewhen and somewhere is going to take advantage of this ability to create scares the crap out of me. My hope is a person like Eve will be there at that time to help the innocent.

2. Vengeance In Death~ The question of how far would you go if something dreadful was done to a loved one is probably one a lot of us have asked ourselves. In Salvation in Death these issues are raised again and interestingly explored within the context of faith.

3. Angel’s Fall~ Delving into a character’s vulnerabilities and sharing their journey towards the acceptance and healing of their problems is something NR does extraordinarily well. I think Angel’s Fall is one of the best examples of her work on this theme, especially given the situation in which the main character finds herself.

4. Three Sisters trilogy~ I finally ‘settled’ on my pick of NR’s trilogies by choosing the one that (I think) I’ve re-read the most and what’s not to love about this series? A prophecy, BFF witches, gorgeous guys, evil forces, saving the world, and romance. It’s got it all!

5. I’m cheating on this last one (like picking a trilogy wasn’t cheating *g*) by choosing a few of the stories NR has written which have focussed on a male, main character.

Northern Lights, Midnight Bayou & The Quinn Brothers series~ I enjoy reading romantic suspense from this perspective and NR’s guys are terrific; both vulnerable and strong – this could be a pattern for me -, who fall head over heels for their ladies.

So, these are a few of my faves by La Nora, what would be your top picks?

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2 Responses to La Nora

  1. Jenre says:

    I only discovered the ‘In Death’ books a couple of months ago and am now working my way through the series – yes, I HAVE to read them in order. Just got up to “Holiday in Death” which is pretty good timing on my part :).Not read much other Nora stuff. I did read and enjoy her ‘garden’ books set around a set of people who owned and worked in a garden centre.

  2. Kris says:

    Absolutely you have to read the ‘In Death’ series in order. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying I tell you, LYING!Srsly though I totally understand where you are coming from – much better to read them in order that way you pick up any nuances to do with previous stories.The ‘In the Garden’ series was pretty good. When you get a chance definitely try out one of her other paranormal trilogies like the Three Sisters, The Key, or The Circle – they’re all great.In the meantime Happy ‘In Death’ reading… you’ve actually made me feel like re-reading the series, which I’ve been known to do on a number of occassions. 🙂

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