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tasting authors: terry pratchett

I feel like I’ve been so focused on the m/m genre that I need to even the stakes a bit, hence this post about one of my favourite authors of all time, Terry Pratchett, who will go down in history … Continue reading

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tasting authors: t a chase

What do mean I’ve banged on about T A Chase before and sound like a broken record?? Too bad! It’s my blog and I ADORE his work. So there! The Whys I Like (1, 2, 3):Like No. 1~ Again, great … Continue reading

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tasting authors: m l rhodes

or ‘for Jen: on the occasion of her joining the ranks of M L Rhodes fans’ Perhaps a bit presumptuous because Jen is a strange one after all and her normal Pommy good taste may be having an off day. … Continue reading

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La Nora

Last week Nora Roberts’ Salvation in Death was released in Australia, which was about time since it seems like it’s been out everywhere else for bloody ages, and so I quickly purchased myself a copy.I also took the opportunity (like … Continue reading

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