read a blurb and give it a whirl

During the past year of buying and reading ebooks (wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long) I’ve been surprised on a number of occasions when a story has exceeded my expectations.

This has generally happened after I’ve read a blurb, been vaguely interested about the story but not convinced, and only purchased the book as an afterthought (eek, sorry that sounds so dismissive).

Perhaps I’ve noticed this more in relation to ebooks because this is a relatively new format to me? I’m not sure. Is it because some blurbs are too brief or conversely too complex, which can be off putting to readers? *ponders*

Whatever the reason, I thought I’d share/pimp three books where I don’t believe the blurb has done the story justice – and on the off chance someone may have had similar thoughts about them; about both the blurb and/or the book.

The characters and the world in this recent release really intrigued me. I think I would have liked more back story and a little more information about the main characters, but overall I enjoyed it and was very pleased (ie I WANT more) to find out this is the first book in a series about the Utopia-X world. If you like m/m urban fantasy/futuristic/paranormal, definitely try this. I have a feeling the series will just get better and better.

Tere Michaels’ Faith & Fidelity

I know there has been quite a lot of criticism by authors and readers of m/m romance about the ‘gay for you’ theme; however, unlike others I’ve read, I found this particular story believable. The two main characters are wonderfully developed and their relationship – with each other and others – is very moving. All in all, I thought this was a great read.

T A Chase’s Here Be Dragons (a bit of a ramble so bear with me)

I ADORE the work of T A Chase and am addicted to reading his blog every Tuesday and Thursday when he posts the next installment of whatever story he is sharing with his readers/ fans/ stalkers. His stories just do it for me and I’m drawn into the world of his characters every time.

Given my gushiness, it might come as a surprise to know it took me forever to purchase T A’s Here Be Dragons.

The grab/mini-blurb for the book interested me (what’s not to like about two guys falling in love and dragons returning to the world!), but there was something about the detailed blurb which put me off time and time again. I think the description didn’t entice me enough to want to find out more about Kael’s and Hugh’s story.

Still, this was just such an odd, stand-out thing for me; to not buy the only book I didn’t own from an author whose writing I obviously enjoyed.

It was when I was re-reading the blurb for what seemed like the gazillionth time it suddenly hit me how ridiculous I was being and that I should just buy the book already! Needless to say, I thought Here Be Dragons was bloody t’rific (T A writes about Kael’s development from a victim of abuse to finding the strength in himself beautifully) and I can’t wait for the sequel, Dreaming of Dragons, to come out next year.

The above examples highlighted to me how it can sometimes be the littlest things which can influence a reader when it comes to purchasing a book. Like a cover, a blurb, the size, the font, a review, the PRICE, etc, etc. Has anyone else had similar experiences, particularly re: blurbs?

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5 Responses to read a blurb and give it a whirl

  1. Jenre says:

    All the time.Nowadays I tend to give little notice to the blurb and skip straight to the extract. That gives me a much better idea about whether I’m going to enjoy the book as I pretty much enjoy anything which is written well. I only use the blurb to check whether it is something I definitely won’t like or aren’t interested in reading – like menage.Blurbs on the back of many historicals from Avon or Berkley are just awful, which is why I only tend to buy historicals from authors I already like or who have had several good reviews.It also works in reverse. I’ve bought some books because I liked the idea in the blurb and then felt that the book didn’t live up to the promise or was in someway misleading.Out of the three examples you have here, I’ve only read ‘Faith and Fidelity’ and I did buy that on the strength of the blurb. Then again ‘gay for you’ is one of my guilty pleasures.Great post! Lol

  2. Tracy says:

    Blurbs can be sooooo different from what the book is actually about. It’s so hard to really know without reading the excerpt.I’m so glad you liked the books you eventually purchased. Nothing better!

  3. Kris says:

    J~I must admit that I've started to read the excerpts more and more lately, especially when it's an author I'm not familiar with.Don't get me started about book covers and blurbs for historical romances. I find them unbelievably bad/misleading.Re: 'Faith & Fidelity' – Who do you think it was who reminded me about my reaction to both blurb and story? Thanks btw. *g*T~Hey there. Hope you and yours are well. I really like fantasy so 'Looking for Some Touch' was a particularly nice surprise. Of course, these were the wins. Too depressing to think about the losses. All that $$. LOL.

  4. Ozakie says:

    Kris,Hi, this is Ozakie. I saw how you had agree with me on Wave’s favorite covers post and I discovered your blog! It looks great and its quite entertaining! You got yourself a new frequent visitor. Haha! Im so new to the genre of M/M and Im a gay male.. (i know But Im loving discovering new authors and getting myself immersed into the genre. I also like discovering new blogs introducing me to such authors. Thanks..;-)Oh to the subject at hand. Blurbs are such a funny thing. On one hand I have purchased blurbs and find that the reading of the material far exceeded my expectations of what I thought it would from the blurb. Then, I have read blurbs and after reading felt underwhelmed bc it delivered on the promise. ;-( So I totally agree with you..;-)Great Blog and until the new time.Ozakie

  5. Kris says:

    Welcome Ozakie! I’m very new to bloglandia so am tickled pink when people drop in to say hello. *waves hello back*I read buckets and buckets so discovering m/m romance earlier in 2008 – new authors and sub-genres – was an absolute thrill for me and I love discussing books with other readers.I’ve read a few other blogs where the ebook authors have had some input into the title and the cover artwork and it made me wonder how much say they had into the blurb. It would be interesting to find out.

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