maybe it’s me again…

… but I gotta ask what people think of the new Loose Id website?

I personally am finding it a little difficult to read with the black background (says the girl with something similar for her blog) and small white writing (see previous comment, although I do increase the font size for the reading pleasure of my partially invisible friends). I find myself having to use the magnifier thingy through my browser to read the blurbs etc.

Having said that, I do like the ‘miss a week’ function, and did they have that section on cover artists before? If they did, I obviously missed it so the new design has given it more prominence, which is t’rific. The cover artists for ebooks are full of goodness and deserve the publicity.

One other thing I’ve been wondering about for awhile though is why do you think Loose Id doesn’t include the names of the authors as well as the titles on the ‘coming soon’ page?

Have you ever noticed when a cover hasn’t been completed yet you can’t tell who wrote the book? Just seems a little odd.

Also, I would LOVE to know the release dates for Loose Id books.

This is mainly because I have absolutely no patience and need my new releases NOW, but I still try and wait a few weeks in order to buy a bundle at at time (economic crisis, exchange rate, blah, blah). It would be great to know in advance what’s coming out so as to plan ahead for splurges.

What do you think? Should I mount a one-woman-reader campaign to change some of the nitty gritties on the website? I’m always happy to pretend to speak on behalf of people. *g*

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6 Responses to maybe it’s me again…

  1. Jenre says:

    I’ve read loads of critism about the old Loose Id site saying it was terrible to navigate. I didn’t find that at all. I liked the old site.Although the graphics are good on the new site, I’m with you on the black background/white writing thing. I also don’t like the way they show all the book covers all the time. I liked the old way where you just chose the author or genre from a list and then it displayed what you were looking for rather than having a confusing lot of book covers showing on the right hand side.Lastly, I’m also in agreement about not showing author names or release dates for upcoming titles. I do appreciate that they may not have a definite date for release for some books, but they could still give a general idea or even the expected month of release.Wow, I’m really grumpy about this aren’t I? You’ve really set me off today, Kris.

  2. Kris says:

    I did set you off, didn’t I. (Unrepentant) Sorry!People criticised the old site. Really? I always found it easy to use.I must admit I’m also annoyed with the reloading of all the covers after you select a genre etc. It makes the site seem slower.Me being weird – I like online stores to have a log out option. For me, it’s a peace of mind thing. I haven’t tried buying anything from Loose Id yet – waiting to splurge on that bundle! – but this is always something that vaguely niggled at me re: the old site. There are a couple of other epublishers which don’t offer log out too (or maybe they do and I’m just not tech savy enough to find it).

  3. Jenre says:

    They are also having a problem with non-US phone numbers but I think that’s just a kink they need to iron out.My main problem with Loose Id at the moment is the price. They are far and away the most expensive epub I buy from. The thing is they have some great authors. I want the new Willa Okati book, but it’s $8. That’s a lot for a ebook, especially with the crap exchange rate.

  4. Kris says:

    I want that book too. In AUD it’s $10.50. Pretty pricey.

  5. Tracy says:

    I haven’t been to the site in forevah but took a gander at it today and it’s a little off-putting, I must say.The release dates are a must. Coming soon means nothing to me – tell me WHEN soon. lol

  6. Kris says:

    Totally agree with you, Tracy. Must. Have. Release. Dates.I think of all the publishers Samhain handles this aspect the best. Although I’m champing at the bit, I’m happy cos I know exactly when something is coming out.

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