maybe it’s me, but…

Since I’ve been obsessively cruising the ebook stores for m/m romance I’ve noticed a certain character popping up more and more.

Maybe it’s me, but don’t you think there are a heck of a lot of bookstore owners who are gay??

Image from Junjou Romantica anime.

I’m not dissing the authors of these books, because, hey, this kind of story has a couple of my favourite things (ie gay guys, romance and bookstores).

It just seems a little weird that there are a few of them about at the moment.

Just saying.

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Reads, rants, randoms & R+s. You've been warned. BTW, don't follow me if you're a GLBTQQphobic wanker. It won't end well. For you.
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2 Responses to maybe it’s me, but…

  1. Jenre says:

    You are right! I’ve read quite a number of book shop owners recently too!Perhaps it’s because it’s a job which suggests intelligence and is good for a beta because it’s not too macho.

  2. Kris says:

    Phew! Thank God someone else has noticed this.I think you’re right that the bookstore owner is a good beta character. My only worry would be that it becomes a cliche/convention to the genre. You know, the poor, troubled book store owner, etc, etc.

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