tasting ‘bravo! brava!’

Bravo! Brava! by Jet Mykles, J P Bowie & Kimberly Gardner

The Blurb:

Lights, Makeup, Scripts, Costumes… Performances!

Jet Mykles, J.P. Bowie and Kimberly Gardner entertain us with the magic and mystique of the theatre. From Shakespeare’s gender-bending comedies to the glamour of a Musical Revue, we’re whisked backstage for an intimate glimpse of the drama, romance and rumors (and maybe even a little mystery) behind the curtain. Find out what it takes for a man to carry off a skirt and heels. Follow the men who wait in the wings for those behind the fake breasts and makeup. BRAVO! BRAVA!

Dislike/like (ending on a high note):

Dislike~ The curtain fell all too soon. ::nudge, nudge, wink, wink::

Like~ Great authors and an entertaining *get it?? – wipes tear from eye – I’m so friggin funny* concept for an anthology.

Dislike~ Not really a dislike, but I did think that the first and last stories had a number of similarities.

Like~ Who knew I would find cross-dressing so… deliciously naughty?!

So, what I think:

Hot, hot, HOT! ::cough:: For those who may be in the mood. *g*


‘Tasting’ is my version of a mini-review where I talk a (very) little about what I liked and disliked about a book as well as who I think the story will appeal to.

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