tasting authors: terry pratchett

I feel like I’ve been so focused on the m/m genre that I need to even the stakes a bit, hence this post about one of my favourite authors of all time, Terry Pratchett, who will go down in history as the only author Kris religiously buys in hard cover. 🙂

The Whys I Like (1, 2, 3):

Like No. 1~ He is a master at parody. This is not only with regard to the tropes of the fantasy genre, but to topical issues such as racism, anthropology, culture, bank crises, war, etc, etc. He is a very, very clever man.

Like No. 2~ Further to the above, his stories are a total riot. Very amusing and entertaining. I always find myself gigglesnorting my way through them.

Like No. 3~ He has a gift for coming up with the most interesting and unique characters, who are also extremely engaging. I admit to having a crush on the grumpy copper Sam Vimes. I adore him. He’s such a snarky bastard.

The Dishes I Love (1, 2, 3):

So hard! These are a few of the ones I’ve re-read more than others.

Love No. 1~ Guards! Guards!

Here there be dragons…and the denizens of Ankh-Morpork wish one huge firebreather would return from whence it came. Long believed extinct, a superb specimen of draco nobilis (“noble dragon” for those who don’t understand italics) has appeared in Discworld’s greatest city. Not only does this unwelcome visitor have a nasty habit of charbroiling everything in its path, in rather short order it is crowned King (it is a noble dragon, after all…).

This is the book which introduces the characters (and I mean that literally and figuratively) of the City of Ankh-Morpork’s Night Watch, including Captain Vimes, Sergeant Colon, Corporal Nobbs and the adorable Corporal Carrot. Picture opposites attracting, a drunk of a captain, idiot coppers, a himbo rookie, philanthropic Ladies, a group trying to return a long lost king and dragons. Starting to get a sense of this comedy of errors? I predict that you’ll be hooked!
Love No. 2~ A Hat Full of Sky

Something is coming after Tiffany …

Tiffany Aching is ready to begin her apprenticeship in magic. She expects spells and magic — not chores and ill-tempered nanny goats! Surely there must be more to witchcraft than this!

What Tiffany doesn’t know is that an insidious, disembodied creature is pursuing her. This time, neither Mistress Weatherwax (the greatest witch in the world) nor the fierce, six-inch-high Wee Free Men can protect her. In the end, it will take all of Tiffany’s inner strength to save herself … if it can be done at all.

This is a YA which will appeal to adults. I love the scenes between Granny Weatherwax (She has given me permission to address her as such) and Tiffany, in particular their discussions about a witch’s hat and finding the hat that suits you best. It’s terrific stuff.

Love No. 3~ Going Postal

Suddenly, condemned arch-swindler Moist von Lipwig found himself with a noose around his neck and dropping through a trapdoor into … a government job?

By all rights, Moist should be meeting his maker rather than being offered a position as Postmaster by Lord Vetinari, supreme ruler of Ankh-Morpork. Getting the moribund Postal Service up and running again, however, may prove an impossible task, what with literally mountains of decades-old undelivered mail clogging every nook and cranny of the broken-down post office. Worse still, Moist could swear the mail is talking to him. Worst of all, it means taking on the gargantuan, greedy Grand Trunk clacks communication monopoly and its bloodthirsty piratical headman. But if the bold and undoable are what’s called for, Moist’s the man for the job — to move the mail, continue breathing, get the girl, and specially deliver that invaluable commodity that every being, human or otherwise, requires: hope.

What happens when you force a con man to make something out of the postal service?? Serious fun and intrigue, that’s what. This is also Lord Vetinari, dictator of the City of Ankh-Morpork, at his finest. I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy him in the ‘Guards’ stories and he doesn’t disappoint in this either.

So, have you tried Terry Pratchett before? Do you think he’s as awesome as I do? Don’t worry; if you disagree with me, I’ll try to think twice before banning you from the blog. 🙂

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12 Responses to tasting authors: terry pratchett

  1. Jenre says:

    Terry Pratchett is practically the only author that hub and I both read. His books are such a scream.My favourite character has to be death so my favourite books are ‘Mort’ and ‘Theif of Time’.

  2. Jenre says:

    or even “Thief of Time”.*groan* too early in the morning to have my spelling hat on.

  3. Kris says:

    Death is one of my favourite characters too. ‘Hogfather’ is my must read at Christmas. ROFL funny.Re: spelling – Tell me about it. Although it does makes me look popular, Jen, when you comment early in the morning. *cheeky gs*

  4. Tam says:

    I’ve never heard of him but I don’t read fantasy but anyone who calls their character Moist has potential. 🙂

  5. Kris says:

    Tam, you gotta try him. Since you like the character’s name so much read ‘Going Postal’ (once you’re buying again of course). You’ll laugh so much.

  6. lbgregg says:

    Can I just salute you, here and now? I love Pratchett. Love him. I admit to having a bit of a thing for Death. And Lord Vetinari. My favs? Guards Guards, Hat full of Sky, Small Gods, The Truth, Reaper Man…ok the list is LONG.

  7. Kris says:

    Me too, LB, me too. It is going to absolutely break my heart when his Alzheimers becomes full blown. He is such a clever man.It was so hard for me to choose just 3 books. I’ve re-read them all so many times. I also really like ‘Feet of Clay’, ‘Jingo’ and ‘The Fifth Elephant’.I am also going to post about another book of his that I truly adore. 🙂

  8. lbgregg says:

    Masquerade? I was a..er..theatre person for some years so that book? Love IT.Yeah. I got BigGirl into Pratchett when she was in the seventh grade. She took all her books (and a few of mine) with her to college. “Comfort Reads”, she said. Makes me sniffle, actually. And that’s another great thing about those books– you can share them with your teenagers, and your mom, and your priest.Anyone with a lick of intelligence and a sense of fun.I want another Tiffany Aching book. Wah.

  9. Kris says:

    I posted it. Have you read this one??I LOVE that you can share books with your daughter, especially Pratchett. And she thinks they’re comfort reads… you made me sniffle. *sniiifff* You’re right. You can share them with anyone, and people come away with such different things about them.I want another Tiffany Aching book too. I love her, and I heart her relationship with Granny Weatherwax. It is awesome.Damn it. I want one NOW!

  10. lbgregg says:

    Looooved Good Omens, but I have to admit that it’s been YEARS since I read it. Do we know how Mr. Pratchett is doing? Such a shame.

  11. Kris says:

    Yep, ‘Good Omens’ is pretty damn fine.TP’s website shows he has another book coming out soon. I know when his illness was announced last year he said it was likely it would only be a year or two before it began to seriously impact his life. I’m thinking this latest one may well be one of the last we see from him. Very said.

  12. Kris says:

    I mean sad. Geez, I need more coffee.

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