i’m back in the saddle again

It is true. RL and the EDJ have been killing me this last month or so and I’ve resorted to much silliness (egged on by a certain redhead) in an effort to, well, ignore everything, including reading – 😦 – and reviewing for Wave. (Whoops! I’ve a feeling I will be uninvited soon. I’m such a slacker. *sigh*)

Never fear though; I returned to the tbr last weekend and read 6 books, which meant, of course, I could replenish the pile during the week. 🙂 I had me an m/m feast last night. *GRIN*

I thought to myself this morning “why not share my bounty??” So this is them and my thoughts tastings smellings (you know, the hand wafting thing over the stove that chefs do to see how things are cooking):

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum. I smell The White Knight by Josh Lanyon. Hehehe.

What wafted my way: Auto buy for those who love JL. It is a prequel AND a sequel to The Dark Horse. JL was able to achieve flash backs and present day story through the use of tenses, which I thought worked very well. I admit I preferred The Dark Horse because it was primarily suspense; however, I did like how Sean seemed to come into his own in The White Knight.

A Fostered Love by Cameron Dane

What wafted my way: I do enjoy CD, but was not 100% convinced with this one. Although I didn’t not like it, I think I would have opted for it to focus on Jonah’s and Christian’s relationship to the extent of all else. The character of Jonah was the shining light in this book. He was lovely to read.

Cattle Valley: Gone Surfin’ by Carol Lynne

What wafted my way: I’ve had this one for a while and finally got round to reading it… Look. The bottom line is I’ve committed time and money to this series. Enuf said.

Enticing Elliot by Amber Kell

What wafted my way: Denying Dare set up the story for Enticing Elliot with Parker having his own house separate to the rest of the pack and this was set up for BDSM ready for the return of his reincarnated mate. What happened?? Hardly any of this was in this book and something funky is going on with the editing. Will I continue to read this series?? Yep. Three words: Scary. Mutant. Werewolves.

Sursein Judgment by Jet Mykles

What wafted my way: You will have to wait. I’ll be reviewing this one for Wave. Told you I was back in the saddle again. 😉

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14 Responses to i’m back in the saddle again

  1. Tam says:

    Welcome back Sweetie. :-)I haven’t read Dark Horse yet, its in my TBR file. I’ve given up on Carol Lynne, only read two books but didn’t inspire me to read more.I read Enticing Elliot yesterday too (and Denying Dare). I’m with you on the funky editing. Especially in the Dare book where they called Parker Dillon for two paragraphs then hopped back to calling him Parker and a few sentences where major words were missing like “he crossed the and touched him” Crossed what? Where was he? I had to go back and see if I was reading too fast but nope, a major word as missing. But like you, I will read F and G and H, etc. because I need to know what’s going on and I generally like the characters. Can’t wait for the Sursein review. I was intrigued by the blurb I read. I will wait to see what you have to say.

  2. Tracy says:

    What redhead do you know? I think that’s great cuz they’re SUCH nice people ya know. Coincidentally, I’M a redhead. Funny how that works out.Just won The White Knight and am anxious to read it. Just finished The Dark Horse so TWK will be read this weekend.Cattle Valley? That man’s on a ranch with a surfboard. Um, does someone tell him in the book that there aren’t any waves? Hope so.Enticing Elliot – Dude – why can I not stop reading. Nothing special about the stories but yet I read. And what is up with those werewolves? Something needs to happen soon. Just sayin.

  3. Kris says:

    Thankee, Tam. I would definitely read The Dark Horse before even reaching for The White Knight as the second contains spoilers for the first.I wish I could give up on CL. *sigh* I’m thinking the series will come to an end soon though and that will be it. Plus the books are so expensive. *doublesigh*I like the characters in The Moon Pack series too so will keep on reading. Maybe the author has been under some pressure to get the stories out hence the editing?? Who knows.I can’t wait for the Sursein Judgment review either. Oh wait… I will do it tomorrow, but not sure when Wave will schedule it. Her coming week is chockers.

  4. Kris says:

    How coincidental, Tracy. I can’t reveal the secret identity of my redhead play mate, although I could send you a photo of her house to see if it’s the same person. You would know it if you saw it. The house is painted fluoro pink and green and is the American branch of an innovative new business. :)You’ve won a whole bunch of things this past week, Tracy. How the heck you even remember the JL is beyond me. Don’t be dissing the cover. The cattle ranch has a wave machine in one of its dams, hence the surfboard. It’s very appropriate.I’m telling you the were-alphabet thing is addictive. EE also hinted at a traitor being in the midst. That’s pretty exciting! I like me a traitorous villain. It means lots of angst.

  5. Tracy says:

    Wow your friends house sounds beautiful! I could only dream of having a house that wonderful.How can I remember the JL – how could I not? I mean, it’s JL! I love him!A wave machine in one of the dams? Really? Well I guess you didn’t say aqueduct so it’s all good!

  6. Jenre says:

    Looking forward to reading your Jet Mykles review. We’ll see whether the psychic link is still faulty. 🙂

  7. Kris says:

    It’s sooo pretty, Tracy. It’s like… like… Barbie’s house, but with a lime green trim.Good point re: JL. I concede.Would I lie to you about the wave machine?? And definitely not an aqueduct. Long term the salt added to make the dam more ocean-like would eat the concrete. Not good. 🙂

  8. Kris says:

    Jen, I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you brought it up… I feel it’s in the best interests of our friendship… I think we should start being honest with each other… well, perhaps you’d better sit down… Jen, it’s the pyschic link. I’ve done all the tests and it’s all working perfectly at my end; however, yours, well, it just isn’t that good. In other words, your reception is shit, sweetie, and you need to fine tune it. I know it will be hard for you to admit that it’s all your fault. Either that or you’ve been lying this whole time about being pyschic. O_O Jen. How could you!

  9. Jenre says:

    Gosh! You mean that all this agreement between us could just be due to coincidence and not because I’m psychic?*sob*I was so convinced I was special…I’m gutted…how could you just come out and say it like that?

  10. Kris says:

    Me! All this time you’ve been pulling the wool over my eyes…unless…What if I’M not pyschic either???Nooooooooo! It can’t be… I can’t be *gasp* NORMAL!

  11. Tam says:

    Oh Kris honey, don’t worry. There is NO WAY you are normal. 🙂

  12. Kris says:

    Dearest Tam. Always such a comfort to me.

  13. orannia says:

    I won Attracting Anthony and enjoyed it so I went out and bought Baiting Ben and Courting Calvin (my first ever eBook purchases!) I just want them to be longer!I need to investigate JL Langley’s books!Kris, you are not being good for my TBR list, but you are expanding my m/m horizons, which is fantastic 🙂

  14. Kris says:

    So you’re no longer an ebook virgin?? Most excellent, Orannia! :)Ummm, sorry?? Kind of… maybe… okay, not at all. I’m all about pimpage. Hehehe.

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