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dear jake

Dear Arsehole Riordan Jake Well, well, well. Look at you being all lovey dovey and stuff. Yeah, pal, that’s right. Everyone else may have bought your redeemed yourself bullshit, but don’t think I didn’t notice that ‘I-worship-Adrien-so-much-that-I’m-going-to-give-him-one-final-ultimatum’ crap. You’re not … Continue reading

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ps: everyone agrees

As chance would have it, at the same time I was talking very sensibly on the matter of an alpha wanker, the creator of said selfish prick (fyi that would be Josh Lanyon) made mention of an upcoming interview with … Continue reading

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everyone agrees…

Yanno, just because you tend to lurk more than you comment some people seem to be under the impression that if they speak in code (ie ‘he who must not be named’) you won’t be able to understand them. Let … Continue reading

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i’m back in the saddle again

It is true. RL and the EDJ have been killing me this last month or so and I’ve resorted to much silliness (egged on by a certain redhead) in an effort to, well, ignore everything, including reading – 😦 – … Continue reading

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stuck in a book

Let me start by saying that I tend to avoid book series like the plague, especially when they feature the same protagonists. Anyway, rather than rant as is my wont (I’m sure that I’ll do that in another blog), when … Continue reading

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