have we become too pc…

… that something like this may cause offense??

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8 Responses to have we become too pc…

  1. Emmy says:

    I thought it was hilarious, but my sense of humor leans towards the perverse.

  2. Jenre says:

    It’s very funny. Why do you ask? Have there been a number of objections?

  3. Lily says:

    I think it’s cute and funny!!!Unfortunately there will always be narrow-minded people with no sense of humor in this world. Sad for them!!!Lily

  4. Tam says:

    Ditto what Lily said. Its funny. Its almost impossible these days to say anything without someone taking offense.

  5. K. Z. Snow says:

    I suppose if I thought pink wigs or neutered cats were sacrosanct …WTF? Honestly, this hypersensitivity crap just boggles my mind. I’m a blonde of Polish descent, and if you don’t think I’ve heard my share of “offensive” jokes … I swear, some people’s sense of humor — or, at least, sense of absurdity — has been surgically removed. I just don’t get it. Life’s too short to take everything, including and especially ourselves, so seriously!

  6. Kris says:

    Thank GAWD! I thought it was funny too, especially as I have two Russian Blue boy kittens who would look very pretty in pink (although if I was to do this I would probably add a rhinestone necklace and matching earings with bright red polish for their claws… IF I was).Just thought I’d pretend to be sensitive and test the waters so to speak. So the consensus from you all is: LOL funny, prob’ly will annoy some, and fuck ’em. I can live with that. *GRIN*

  7. Tracy says:

    Have a said you’re a dork before? I have? Oh good, cuz if the shoe fits! lolI love the kitty and the wig! Love. It.

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