a(nother) time out

Hey youse 🙂

Just letting you know that I’ll be taking a few days break to get my shit together in RL.

However, fear not! For I shall return to continue to dazzle you all with my awesomeness.

I also leave you with this little gem showing some of the major events in the Kyle and Oliver storyline.

I may have mentioned them before.

Once or twice.



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17 Responses to a(nother) time out

  1. I love to watch them kiss. *sigh*

  2. Chris says:

    Darn that RL anyway. 🙂

  3. MsM says:

    Enjoy your blog break Kris.

  4. Kris I'm calling you out, yes, I am. I spent hours and I mean hours on rain on roof because of you! All that man love made me tingly. Lol I'm kidding, well about the blaming you part, the spending hours and hours on rain on roof totally happened.

    Enjoy your bloggy break!

  5. I'm gonna mope till you get back.


  6. You better get back before I start getting symptoms of withdrawal 😉
    Good luck with the RL issues!

  7. Lily says:

    Mmmmm, thanks for sharing more of Kyle and Oliver.

    Hope all goes well in RL!!

  8. Kassa says:

    enjoy the break!

    I don't think I'd seen these two before… very very nice. I do like the wedding scene, where it looks like one of the two grooms gets cold feet and calls off the wedding cuz he wants the cop. Whats funny is everyone's cheering for them as they kiss but didn't that just ruin the wedding? Are they happy ANY gay couple got together? lol…

    will keep the mens company while you're gone. Don't worry about the aussiebums, they're in good hands.

  9. Jenre says:

    Hope the break gives you what you need, Kris. But don't disappear completely, huh? Will you still be hanging about on other blogs and places like GRs?

  10. Natasha says:

    Enjoy your break….. hope no sanity creeps into your life. Can't have you getting all serious on me 🙂


  11. We all have to at some point hon…

    Keep sweet hon..


  12. Kris says:


    Thanks for the wishes. I'm still kinda around and will delurk ocassionally. 🙂

    Katiebabs chook: Me too.

    KC, don't blame me cos you can't resist a perve! *g*

    Janna, am I your drug of choice then?? *eyes twinkling*

    Kassa, you would totally understand the wedding scene if you'd just cave and watch the Kish storyline. Just sayin'. 😉

    Tish: *snort* No chance of that, mate.

  13. Tracy says:

    Have fun with RL. 🙂

  14. orannia says:

    I love to watch them kiss. *sigh*

    That makes two of us… *SIGH* The only word that springs to mind is tender. It just makes me want to melt (and not because it is humid here 🙂 …and…I want that. I want to feel that.

    LOL Smokin'! It's so addictive.

    Kris – I hope the break goes well. Take care sweetie!

  15. Kris says:

    “…and…I want that. I want to feel that.”

    I think we all do. 🙂

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