the kris ‘n’ good books sextiom/mary

Are you confused?

New to m/m romance and wondering what GFY means??

Or are you a perve of old who’s come across a piece of WTFness?

Then look no further!!

We at Kris ‘n’ Good Books have the product just for you!

‘A is for …’ coming to you soon!

Cookie donations to support this important resource welcomed with salivation appreciation.

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Reads, rants, randoms & R+s. You've been warned. BTW, don't follow me if you're a GLBTQQphobic wanker. It won't end well. For you.
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36 Responses to the kris ‘n’ good books sextiom/mary

  1. Chris says:

    This should be interesting. 🙂

    So, still bored, huh?

  2. K. Z. Snow says:

    Do you mean a m/m “sexionary”? Or is it more than that? (Just explain, would you? I can't puzzle over that word any longer. It's making me crazy.)

  3. This must be what those in advertising term a “tease”? Because otherwise, WTF is that word? I'm with KZ on this.

    And what, you want us to contribute? Or give you cookies to inspire you?

    You've hurt my brain, Kris.
    No comments on the questionable existence of said brain, please!

  4. Hmm cookies… will there be milk to drink also? heh heh.

  5. If there's milk, will there be Kahlua?

  6. Chris says:

    Or maybe we should just drink shots of tequila to soothe our poor confused brains until Kris wakes up…

  7. But now I have a taste for Kahlua and Cream!! Tequila is for when the going gets tough.

  8. Tam says:

    I got a present from my Mexico colleagues yesterday. Chocolates filled with tequila. Juan Carlos claimed he had tequila but I didn't see any sign of it at the meeting today. *pout*

  9. Chris says:

    Juan Carlos gets meeting refreshment FAIL from me on your behalf, Tam.

  10. Tracy says:

    Sextion/Mary? Really? What exactly is that?

    I can hardly wait to see how you explain everything Kris. You have a certain, shall we say, flair with word.

    And I think you have all the same cookies I have.

  11. Huh…?

    Just tell me… already..


  12. Emilie says:

    Oh, now I want Kahlua and cream. “Mary” is an old (1960s? Possibly earlier?) term gay men used to call each other jokingly. I don't know if Kris meant it that way.

  13. Yay, Emilie. A toast to us: Here's to cream lovers!

  14. K. Z. Snow says:

    See what a made-up word like “sextiom/mary” can do to a blog? Right now it sounds as if the discussion is about drinking Kahlua-and-cum. How'd that happen?

    I'm getting out of here.

  15. Ingrid says:

    now Bailey's that is good drinking!

  16. KZ, what's wrong with K&C?
    At least I understand it!
    Ingrid, Bailey's will do in a pinch, I suppose.

    Kris, why the sigh?

  17. Kris says:

    “Kris, why the sigh?”

    Utter despair for the genius of my sextiom/mary being reduced to a discussion about booze and bodily fluids. Talk about lowering the tone. 😦

  18. Okay, but see – we just lose control when you're not around to rein us in.

    So tell us more about the sextiom/mary.

    Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*

  19. Kris says:

    Don't wanna. *kicks toe in dirt*

  20. Pleeeeeez?!

    I promise I'll listen.


  21. Kris says:

    And my baby brother helped with the idea too. He's gonna be really upset. 😦

  22. Okay. Fine. Be that way.

    No, really, here's a prezzie:

    (Sorry I don't know how to make a nifty little link to it).

  23. Hey Kris, WAY off topic, but your avatar looks like my ugly ass cat. Well, minus the pink wig.

    BTW, I would be very interesting in the sextiom/mary, so please tell us about it.

  24. Kris says:

    Wren: Aww, you sent me Brian and Justin. You luff me.

    I'm still not telling.

    Stephani: But I'll tell you, Stephani. You have to pinky swear that you won't tell any of the others though.

    BTW, this is where I got my avatar from: I have Russian Blues so it seemed appropriate, although they won't let me paint their nails to match the hair, which is pretty mean of them. 😦

  25. Chris says:

    Hmm. Maybe you can get those colorful claw covers instead…

    PLEEEEEASE tell us, Kris? Please? Pretty please?

  26. Cecile says:

    Okay.. I have been confused the whole damn day… I lay my boots down to you… Tell us pleaze… I'lll share my cookies wif you (even though I just started collecting them)…

  27. Kris says:

    So much for it being obvious. Oh well. I'll keep you in suspense and wow you with its awesomeness tomorrow.

    Cecile, you can send me cookies anytime now. 🙂

  28. whaaaaaaa? I saw sex(tiom) count me in. Don't get the /mary thingy though. But then I'm also watching men skating in tight spandex sparkly pants so my attenton is elsewhere.

    I want cookies pease.

  29. Kris says:

    ZKC: “But then I'm also watching men skating in tight spandex sparkly pants so my attenton is elsewhere.”

    Well then there's no hope of even trying to get you to understand it then. 😉

    You know, what? Fuck it. You can all have cookies tomorrow with explanation re: the sextiom/mary to come at some later stage. This week has killed me dead.

  30. Kris, my cat is a Devon Rex. I don't think she would let me paint her claws, either. Not since she ran away when we tried to put kitten mittens on her.

  31. K. Z. Snow says:

    And my baby brother helped with the idea too. He's gonna be really upset. 😦

    Get your damned toe out of the dirt and listen. Tell your baby brother he needs to: a.) learn how to spell; b.) kiss a boy. Then all will be right with his world.

  32. Kris says:

    Stephani, they can be no fun at all sometimes. One of my boys, Boris, was really rude when I put him in a Santa suit at Xmas time. He was given a big lecture about Xmas spirit, etc.

    KZ, the spelling thing was all me. I thought it was funny, but obviously not. Oh well. At least I got a laugh out of it. As to the kissing… I'm gonna leave that one a little while until he gets over the last question I asked him.

  33. K. Z. Snow says:

    Start by making him watch the Olympic figure skaters — the ones of the male persuasion. Any healthy guy would sprout wood over those asses/arses.

  34. Kris says:

    Hun, not only is he male, but he's an Aussie male. There's absolutely no chance in hell of getting him to watch figure skating. Trust me on this.

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