tasting ‘the bastard prince’ – day 1

The Bastard Prince by Megan Derr

The Blurb:

Reyes O’Bannon lives a fairly quiet life, despite his role as the King’s secretary. His days are filled with appointments, paperwork, and avoiding the romantic attentions of Kinnaird, the Duke of Keyes; attentions that become harder to ignore with each passing day…

Then the Kingdom is attacked, and the nature and location of the attacks make it painfully clear there is a traitor in their midst. The attacks are further compounded by the sudden arrival of a man who claims to have a legitimate claim on the throne, a bastard prince who knows things from the King’s past that no one else could know.

As the problems increase, both within the palace and across the Kingdom, Reyes can only watch as Kinnaird is sent out to unravel the mystery and the King begins to fall apart.

Why I bought it: I’m pretty sure that I was in the mood for m/m fantasy at the time.

Dislike/like (ending on a high note):

Dislike~ Not really a dislike, but I guessed early on in the story what the ‘big reveal’ was. Still, I did like the way it happened. *zipping lips* And that’s all I’m gonna say about that…

Like~ For someone who is a huge fantasy fan such as myself, it is always a bit like taking a step into a minefield when it comes to trying a new-to-me author in this genre. I’ve found one of the most off putting things with unfamiliar fantasy stories is the world building so I was particularly delighted this author avoided the info dump. I definitely appreciated the subtlety with which she painted a picture of the world through character and plot development. Nice. πŸ™‚

Dislike~ Won’t lie to you. Some of the editting in this and the other Less Than Three books leaves something to be desired. Silly stuff mostly like misspellings. No doubt this will be jarring for some readers, but I was soon able to dismiss it whilst reading The Bastard Prince because of my interest in the story.

Like~ This plot might not be as complex nor as romance-y as some readers may ordinarily like; however, I found the main mystery storyline engaging – especially as I was intrigued to see how it would enable the ‘big reveal’ – and the characters appealing. A good, solid, all-round read.

So, what I think: After finishing this I was very pleased to have discovered a new m/m fantasy author. I’ve reread The Bastard Prince a number of times now and think it is one of the best of Megan Derr’s work.


β€˜Tasting’ is my version of a mini-review where I talk a (very) little about what I liked and disliked about a book as well as who I think the story will appeal to. Oh, and I’ve added a bit about why I picked up the book in the first place – sometimes this can be interesting to know.

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21 Responses to tasting ‘the bastard prince’ – day 1

  1. Tam says:

    What an odd cover. I'm not a fantasy lover so I'll pass but glad you enjoyed it.

    You go girl! One down, 4 to go.

  2. Chris says:


  3. I started one of this author's book Embrace and I love the plotline not sure why I didn't finished…

    I'll go search for it and finish it up, there was some of the issues you mentioned in that one as well…

    Will add this one to my list, from what I remember she has a nice style to her voice..

    P.S. About damn time you had a review up in here….


  4. Kris says:

    Tam: It's the '4 to go' bit that worries me. *sigh*

    Chris: Don't wanna. *pout mope*

    EH: I liked Embrace. It's darker and more complex than her other work, including The Bastard Prince, but good. You should definitely finish it and I'll be interested to see what you think of this one if you give it a go. πŸ™‚

    “About damn time you had a review up in here….”

    *sticks tongue out again*

  5. Melissa says:

    I enjoy Derr's books. I have them all so far:) snicker* looking forward to your next reviews…

  6. I haven't tried Derr yet, but I appreciate the review. Honestly, I hate when I can guess the ending.

  7. Kris says:

    Melissa: I have quite a few of Derr's books now too. πŸ™‚

    “… looking forward to your next reviews…”

    Snicker?? I'll expect you to comment on every bloody one now.


    Miranda: “Honestly, I hate when I can guess the ending.”

    Me too, but it was more that I guessed the big reveal associated with part of the ending. Not the actual ending itself which was associated with the mystery plot.

    If that makes sense…

  8. Lily says:

    I've not heard of this author although that's probably because fantasy's not my preferred genre. Sounds interesting though.

  9. Kris says:

    Lily: I first noticed her work at ARe in about July/August. She also writes urban fantasy, which you might find more up your alley. πŸ™‚

  10. Jenre says:

    I have this in my TBR pile. Not sure why I bought it, other than I love fantasy, but someone must have pimped it to me at some point (Chris?).

    I sounds good, but then again so do all the books in my TBR pile, most of which have been there for months!

  11. Kris says:

    Jenre: “I sounds good, but then again so do all the books in my TBR pile, most of which have been there for months!”

    Slacker! πŸ˜› I think maybe it was me – with a K – who pimped it? I know I talked about it with a couple of others on goodreads anyways.

  12. Chris says:

    Sorry, Jen, wasn't me! I've read one of her books, but it wasn't this one. πŸ™‚

  13. Jenre says:

    It possibly was a GRs pimp. In which can it may have been you, Kris.

    Whoever pimped it, I really ought to pull it out of the pile. Or I will once I clear to urgent stuff.

    *looks at the teetering pile of urgent stuff*

    Hmmm, might still be a little while :).

  14. Nikyta says:

    I love fantasy. And Megan Derr is one of my favorite authors. My favorite book of her's is Prisoner, though. It's out of print but I love hostage stories. ^_^ This one is in my tbr list. I'll bump it up especially since you've read it more than once. πŸ˜‰

    Less Than Three does have a lot of editing misses but I do love the stories they have published there.

    Great review. ^_^

  15. Kris says:

    Jenre: “Hmmm, might still be a little while :).”


    Nikyta: I really enjoy Megan Derr's fantasy books too. I'm not sure I've read Prisoner though. I'll check that out. Thanks for the rec!

    “Less Than Three does have a lot of editing misses but I do love the stories they have published there.”

    I agree. For a small epub that's not been out for long I think their books, especially in the fantasy genre, have been pretty impressive.

  16. Chris says:

    Go back to bed!

  17. Kris says:

    I'm working in the country today. I need to be up this early.


  18. orannia says:

    m/m and fantasy….and you liked it! That's three ticks!

    Have to read The Archer's Heart first though πŸ™‚

  19. Kris says:

    Orannia: This may be just a wee bit different to The Archer's Heart. πŸ˜‰

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