encounters with my baby brother: 13

Me: So, did you watch any of the Royal Wedding last night?

The Baby Brother: Hell no.

Me: *snort*

The BB: That’s right. I refuse to participate in the Prince marrying well below his station.

Me: *mouth hanging open*

The BB: There’s something wrong with the world when a Royal marries for love. *ponders*  And apparently I’ve been watching The Tudors too much.

Me: *dies*

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16 Responses to encounters with my baby brother: 13

  1. KB/KT Grant says:

    Seeing as The Tudors is one big sex fest, I can understand why your brother would be into it.

  2. Chris says:


  3. Eyre says:

    LOL! KB is right. Watching the Tudors is like watching soft pron. Kris, you need to point your BB toward the good stuff.

    I guess he thinks Cinderella should have just kept scrubbing floors. 😉

  4. Eyre says:

    Ignore this. Just subscribing to comments.

  5. Amy J says:

    OMG..*head hits desk*

  6. Tam says:

    Well, I've never seen the Tudors. But seems like he is a little caught up in the social status thing. LOL

  7. Kris says:

    KBC: I'll tell him what you said and report back re: his response. ;P

    Chris: Eggzackery.

    Eyre: I have a feeling he knows a lot more about porn than I do, Eyre.

    “I guess he thinks Cinderella should have just kept scrubbing floors.”

    More than likely. There may have been a rant about her coming from party planning stock and then an amendment about it being worse than that because they only supplied the stuff for parties. *rolls eyes*

  8. Kris says:

    Amy: Indeed. I'm not even going to tell you what was said about the wedding presents…

    Tam: Ya think?? This was the BB at another point of the convo: “Well, let's face it, she's no Anne Boleyn.” The boy's obsessed.

  9. Mumma J says:

    Yeh, every time I said something about the wedding he kept on telling me that Wills had married beneath his station! Methinks he fancied her himself!
    He did watch some of the scenes with me on Saturday (which I think he enjoyed), and raved on about how they wouldn't have done it like that in the time of the Tudors.
    I told him that he should come back to the 21st century, and he promptly told me the marriage wouldn't last 5 years.
    He was really looking for an argument but I told him that I loved the match and was feeling so good, so I didn't want to argue with him. I think he was annoyed with me.

  10. Kris says:

    Mumma: He was definitely spoiling for a fight. He and the Daddy had been at each other. I got it from both of them that day. The Baby Brother I made laugh. The Daddy I told that unlike the BB I would fucking hit him.

    The B Boys! *sigh*

  11. I need to start watching that show.

  12. Kris says:

    Miranda: You perve.

  13. :coughs: they…uh…. got married. I knew that. Really :shifty eyes:

  14. Kris says:

    KC: Not even having a newborn can excuse you for not knowing this, KC. The only thing which might is if you were visiting another planet.

  15. orannia says:

    *dies right next to Kris*

    OMG! Does he know Downton Abbey is about to start soon? Probably not as much sex, but…lots of machinations as only the British can *grin*

    And if it helps, when my 87-year-old grandmother was alive I had to wemble around and set the video for The Tudors. (She could play DVDs and videos [after some one-on-one tutoring time and some note taking] but not set the video.) And she loved it…especially the raunchy bits!

    “Well, let's face it, she's no Anne Boleyn.”


  16. Kris says:

    Orannia: He's such a funny boy, right. 🙂

    I'll tell him about Downtown Abbey. He loves that upstairs/downstairs stuff.

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