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to graphic novel or not? the poll

Yesterday’s post got me really curious about how many readers would actually buy a graphic novel version of their favourite m/m romance story. Since everyone knows how nosy I am, I decided to just go ahead and create a poll … Continue reading

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to graphic novel or not?

In my recent post about whether readers preferred yaoi manga to yaoi novels, Richelle made the comment “Actually, what I’d really like is for some of my fave m/m novels to have pretty illustrations throughout.” My immediate response to that … Continue reading

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tasting yaoi: chocolate surprise

Chocolate Surprise by Lily Hoshino The Blurb: Want A Sugar Rush?! Mix Chocolate is a sexy game involving guys, girls and an assortment of chocolates. Hidden within the sweets is a single chocolate with an aphrodisiac inside. If any of … Continue reading

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tasting yaoi: black knight 1

In an attempt to alleviate my boredom Given that I seem to have a visual fixation I’ve decided to expand my ‘tasting’ series to include a new stream to highlight some of the yaoi I’ve been gobbling up like crazy … Continue reading

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