Love has no boundaries – a postscript*

Okay, given the fact that I am a self-proclaimed reader of romance, perhaps it was a tad hypocritical of me yesterday to diss the whole ‘love has no boundaries’ thing. *g*

So let’s explore examples of when this concept works – well, when I think it does anyway…

the storylines

m/m: Duh! Also, f/f, menage, etc. Relationships that challenge the hetro stereotype.

montagues vs capulets: It’s Romeo and Juliet! *sigh* Enemies falling for each other – ‘my only love sprung from my only hate’ – the ultimate star-crossed lovers.

cinderella: Boy meets girl (or boy/girl meets boy/girl) from the wrong side of the tracks and evil parents/ family/ exes/ monarchs/ wizards/ baddies try to intervene, but true love prevails!

the owl & the pussycat (concept appropriated from author Kate Steele): The ‘mixed’ couple; whether it be lovers from different ethnicities, species or worlds. not beastiality though – sorry, but that’s just yuck – more along the lines of different kinds of shapeshifter (see KS) or like Laura Baumbach’s Details of the Hunt or, because I have Disney on my mind, Beauty & the Beast.

There must be others, but I can’t really think of any more – for some unknown reason I’ve got the bloody lyrics from Aladdin’s ‘A Whole New World’ in my head. The ones that I do come up with are really just variations of the above themes. What other ‘love with no boundaries’ stories work?

*posted Tues cos I’m determined to do the whole 4-day thing, but couldn’t be arsed last Fri

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