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oh. my. romance trope.

Holy fucking shit. I just realised why I read romance. Like, right now just now. It’s in my genes.  Seriously. I was bred for it. No joke. For I am the product of a shotgun marriage! BEAT THAT TROPE, BITCHES! … Continue reading

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romance & the tough issues

*Warning: This post discusses sexual abuse in fiction. After my rant about my despised ‘twu wuv will cure what ails you’ trope, some of the comments started me thinking about the way sexual abuse is dealt with in m/m romance … Continue reading

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twu wuv: take 2

Some of you who’ve been hanging around here for a while may recall Jenre’s and my Top 25 “You know it’s Twu Wuv whens…” post. Yeah. It was the stuff of epics. Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about … Continue reading

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oh, brother!

Okay, probably inappropriate in the context of this discussion, but that’s what makes it so fucking funny. When I was growing up I always wanted an older brother. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to be the oldest child (which … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

I know that many of us, myself in particular included, tend to take the mickey out of m/f romance… well, let’s be honest, out of the romance genre as a whole… but I do find myself yearning for a sweet … Continue reading

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twu wuv

Jenre: Ah yes. Twu wuv. That moment when you realise that the vague feelings you were experiencing towards this other person is actually a full on forever and ever and hearts and bunnies and flowers and growing old together feeling. … Continue reading

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Love has no boundaries – a postscript*

Okay, given the fact that I am a self-proclaimed reader of romance, perhaps it was a tad hypocritical of me yesterday to diss the whole ‘love has no boundaries’ thing. *g* So let’s explore examples of when this concept works … Continue reading

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