Mornings suck!

I LOATHE mornings with an absolute passion. It kills me that at the moment I am having a whole lot of them because my adorable *through clenched teeth* kittens like to sit on my pillow/ bed/ me patting or licking my face to get me up to play (translation from kitten = eat).

My version of an early rising – something of which I am often accused, but these people obviously have no fucking idea – is to get up early enough before getting to work so that I have enough time to lounge around in my pjs trying to wake up slowly, drink a whole pot of black coffee trying to wake up slowly, attempt to read a book or catch up with the US blogs trying to wake up slowly, and generally potter around the house trying to wake up slowly. This is usually followed by a long, hot shower cos frankly there is no way in hell that I can face myself in the shower without having drunk a whole a pot of coffee.

So in honour of the fact that I am up so bloody early I thought I’d share a favourite scene from one of my recent reads, Lora Leigh’s Mercury’s War:

Ria shook the thought away. God, it was just too early for this.

“The beds are comfortable,” she muttered, stalking past him to the kitchen and the coffeepot she had prepared the night before.

“Yeah. They are.” His voice was cool, yet she couldn’t shake the feeling that the undercurrent she heard in it was more confusion than sleepiness.

She filled the coffeepot with water then turned back to him.

“Don’t touch the pot. Do not get your own coffee first. First cup is mine. Understood?”

His eyes narrowed, his gaze flicking from the coffee to her before he nodded cautiously. “Fine.”

“Good. I’m taking my shower. I need to go back to the office this morning.” She turned back to the bedroom.

“Why do you need to go back to the office? I thought you weren’t working on weekends.” The suspicion in his voice -hell, his voice itself- seemed to grate on her nerves.

She paused at the door.

“Don’t talk to me. Don’t question me. No comments, no nothing until I drink my coffee.” She shuddered at the effort it took to think. “Just… be invisible or something.”

The scene goes on, and needless to say that I became an insta fan of Ria’s after reading this. And how can you not love a man – Mercury – who recognises the wisdom of not bothering a woman before her morning coffee!

Well, now that I’ve had about 1/2 pot of my morning coffee, I shall attempt to do some ‘real’ work before eventually – say around 11.30am-ish – getting ready for a meeting that I have at 1pm.

The ABSOLUTE BEST thing about working for yourself = spending as much of the day as possible in your pjs!

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