the sacrificial bauble

I admit that it took me until about 4pm yesterday before I got the courage to put up the Christmas tree.

I know, I know, I’m a total wuss. (My Dad told me yesterday that my kittens behaviour was a reflection of my poor parenting skills… needless to say that I said something about lack of role models and told him where to stick his so-called skills! Love you, Daddy. Mwahh!)

I was pleasantly surprised. There was some chewing that stopped after they realised the fake tree tasted like shite, there was some batting at the branches because hey, it was fun to watch the whole tree shake, but there was no climbing – thank fuck!

So this morning I decided I was willing to sacrifice some of the spare baubles and chains I had, which wouldn’t break if they did happen to ‘accidentally’ fall off the tree.

It was only a matter of seconds before the fun started…

“Tap, bat, pat, tap.”

“Quick, she can’t see us. You get that one and I’ll grab the other one.”

Boris says “Nom, nom, nom, nom.”

I’m not even going to talk about present wrapping incident.

They’re feral with a total lack of Christmas-like behaviour. I am so ashamed. *sigh*

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2 Responses to the sacrificial bauble

  1. Tracy says:

    Ok that last picture of Boris is wonderful!!I used to have a cocker spaniel and a pot-bellied pig who I had to keep away from the tree – that wasn’t fun at all. 🙂

  2. Kris says:

    The images my mind comes up with of a pig and a spaniel and a Christmas tree are hilarious. I had to take the chain of baubles off the tree last night because they were trying to suck and chew the balls off the string. Bloody idgits!On the other hand, I’ve discovered that the baubles themselves don’t break when they’re helped off. I might have to invest in more so it doesn’t look so bare. Such a good reason to go Christmas decoration shopping!

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