my kittens vs christmas

I love Christmas. I am the kind of gal who can’t wait to put up her Christmas tree and all of her decorations on the 1st of December. (I would put them up during November, but I have a family ban imposed upon me with presents on the line.)

Anyway this year I am absolutely terrified to put up my tree. The reason for this being the two, nearly six month old holy terrors who rule my life.

There is no doubt in my mind that this will happen:

and then there will be this:

I kid you not. Did you read what they did to me after I spent the day away from them?!

Today is the day though.

Today, I will be putting up my tree (minus ornaments and prob’ly minus tree lights depending on whether they chew through the power cord like they did the one for my e-reader, the little buggers *mutter, mutter*).

But I am determined. After all, it’s my house, I am bigger than them, and it’s Christmas, dammit! Right? right????

I am so fucked. *sigh*

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