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random awesomeness

Boris:  She’ll never find me here!  MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

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a random life moment from kris

Note to Self: It is better to let the boy kitten get wet than to try and haul his 7 kilo, wiggly arse out of the shower tub whilst covered in Nair.

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cheap labour

It’s official. There are no bookcases in Australia to match the two I already have from Ikea. Fuck it. Besides being supremely pissed off because they have them in the bloody catalogue, I decided I would have to rethink my … Continue reading

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being an irreverent mumma

I saw this great Q & A thing for parents and kids at Tracy’s blog (whose girls are such cuties 🙂 ) so I thought why not try it with my boys. Here’s how it went… 1. What is something … Continue reading

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the jury is in…

… and, yes, apparently I DO suck. The evidence: 1. Offending people by simply existing. Me, in my defense: Granted bitchiness is one of my dominant personality traits; however, I generally have to try (a little) to piss people off. … Continue reading

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the boys and i are hiding

Well, it’s 34 degrees Celsius in Perth at the moment heading for a top of 38 and the boy kittens and I are hiding in the air-conditioning wiling away the time until I can have my first beer or glass … Continue reading

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the evidence is in

Well, can’t say I’m really surprised, but it’s now official: Cat in a Christmas Tree Feliks says, “I srsly don’t know how I got up here, but… are my eyes looking funny? I’m pretty sure I was possessed. Yep, that’s … Continue reading

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the sacrificial bauble

I admit that it took me until about 4pm yesterday before I got the courage to put up the Christmas tree. I know, I know, I’m a total wuss. (My Dad told me yesterday that my kittens behaviour was a … Continue reading

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my kittens vs christmas

I love Christmas. I am the kind of gal who can’t wait to put up her Christmas tree and all of her decorations on the 1st of December. (I would put them up during November, but I have a family … Continue reading

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my kittens hate me

I am busy, busy with work this week. Yesterday I was away all day in the country and Thurs/Fri I will be doing an overnight trip; hence today’s post. I know I’ve said that my kittens are adorable, annoying and … Continue reading

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