in the mood to try something different?

When I posted that m/m fiction was one of my best discoveries for 2008, I added some comments about one of the first m/m romances I had read (Rough Canvas by Joey W. Hill) and how it is now a fave of mine. Thea asked me if I would recommend it as a novel to try out this genre and, as much as I loved it, I replied I didn’t think I would (m/m and BDSM together might be a bit full on for a first timer… hmmm, sounds like I’m giving out sexual advice lol), but would have a think and come up with some recommendations for m/m (fiction) virgins.

First, a warning: If you are offended by homosexuality for whatever reason you shouldn’t try this type of fiction because (obviously) you will not like it. If you are open-minded, curious and a fan of romance fiction – as I was/am -, I would definitely suggest you try reading m/m romance. If you are still a bit hesitant, read this post by Wave. It gives some insight into why readers have come to like this genre so much.

Second, the books below are straight m/m (ie no girl involved with two guys in a ménage) so it’s sink or swim for newbies.

Third, it’s romance; of course there are sex scenes… enjoy!

Fourth, these are all stories I have taken great pleasure in and have re-read a number of times. I have provided links to reviews (nope, still too lazy to do these myself) for anyone interested in reading what others thought.

Now, without further ado, here are a four recommendations for m/m first timers~

Caught Running by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux (contemporary): A great story about a geek and a jock, who now teach and coach at their old high school, dealing with their preconceptions about each other, discovering the people behind the ‘facade’ and falling in love. Reviewed by Sarah here.

Without Reservations by J L Langley (contemporary paranormal): Another of the first m/ms I read, which explores the building of a relationship within the context of different kinds of prejudice and with a little bit of danger thrown in! Reviewed by Wave here.

No Going Home by T A Chase (contemporary western): There are a number of stories in this genre about prejudice against homosexuality. This one I particularly liked because the courage and strength of the characters are beautifully portrayed. Reviews here.

True of Heart (The Draegan Lords Book 1) by M L Rhodes (fantasy): This one is for the fantasy fans, who have a soft spot for dragons as well as soul mates finding each other against the odds. *sigh* Reviewed by Wave here.

Most of the book title links go to the All Romance eBook website. You can buy them directly from the publishers, but I thought I’d link to a one-stop shop which also happens to give you a discount whenever you buy 10 books. Tis the season for giving after all. *grin* Another great ebook store is Fictionwise; they do discounts too!

If you do end up trying out m/m romance by reading any of the above feel free to drop me a line to either abuse me for (a) recommending crap or (b) giving you another outlet to spend your hard-earned $$.

Coming up with these books was a lot harder than I thought so I’m interested to know, if you read m/m, what would you recommend to a virgin of this genre?

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5 Responses to in the mood to try something different?

  1. Jenre says:

    Great post!I’ve only reading “Caught Running” out of this lot and that’s such a lovely book – ideal for first time m/m readers.In some ways you have to be careful when recommending books to those who haven’t read m/m before. You don’t want to suggest anything with hardcore sex scenes or other kinky stuff as it might be off-putting, but it does have to be something with some sex in as that is representative of the genre.I’d recommend “Faith and Fidelty” by Tere Michaels and “Sparks Fly” by Clare London for contemporary novels. If they like mystery as well as romance then Josh Lanyon’s books are also a good bet. If they like westerns, then “Tin Star” and “The Broken H” by JL Langley are a good choice.There’s such a lot of choice for great m/m books out there that there should be something to get anyone hooked on the genre!

  2. Kris says:

    Morning!That was my dilemma exactly; trying to choose books that were still representative of the best things of the m/m romance genre, but would not be too full on as to be off-putting for first time readers.Thanks for your recommendations – would it surprise you to know that I’ve read and enjoyed all of them?? *g* I tossed up between ‘Tin Star’ and ‘No Going Home’ as they have similar themes, but decided to share the love that I have for the Les Hardin character in ‘NGH’. He’s t’rific.It’s interesting isn’t it that those who try and read m/m romance do get (very quickly)captivated by the genre??Hopefully this has nothing to do with the fact that we’re are all a bunch of perves living vicariously, but rather is testmanent to the bloody good authors writing in the m/m genre, who deserve to be discovered and appreciated by more new readers.

  3. Jenre says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that you are not a real person, but an automatum programmed to read books! Surely there must be some m/m books out there that you haven’t read! ;)I’ll have to check out TA Chase sometime this year.

  4. Jenre says:

    Just re-read my comment above. Obviously you are not an automatum, just someone who reads really quickly.Need to stop making comments on blogs when it’s early and I haven’t had my morning tea fix , LOL.

  5. Kris says:

    I AM FOUND OUT. I MUST NOW ABANDON THE MISSION AND RETURN TO THE MOTHER PLANET WHERE I CAN REPORT ON THE MYSTERIES OF ALL THINGS FICTION.LOL! Try someone who reads very, very, very quickly. I skim/speed read, which is a skill – not the best one to have – picked up studying English and History at University and has followed me into working life. Don’t even ask me the number of books I read in a day let alone a week – it’s too scary!Kris (before having had one sip of her morning coffee thereby excusing lack of sense, typos, etc)

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