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firsts series: fetishes (part 2)

*pats bubble butt* Is there any point in giving three guesses as to who is going to eww on this firsts topic, which is, if you hadn’t already guessed, about jock huffing? For those of you who’ve no idea what … Continue reading

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firsts series: pas

I’m a total wuss so while a part of my shivers in delight whilst reading sexy scenes involving protags with piercings, another part of me is cringing because, well… OUCH THAT WOULD SO FUCKING HURT!! That aside, my first Prince … Continue reading

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were mates… or are we???

Hehehe. I crack me up. Apparently there are a number of us who admit to having an “OMG, they’re so freaking HOT” thing for mate/shifter stories. (Eg Lily, Orannia and Tracy.) Yeah, the trope is a (very) familiar one (ie … Continue reading

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in the mood to try something different?

When I posted that m/m fiction was one of my best discoveries for 2008, I added some comments about one of the first m/m romances I had read (Rough Canvas by Joey W. Hill) and how it is now a … Continue reading

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No, I didn’t leave an ‘l’ out of the title. I hate to say it, but I think that maybe, just maybe, I might be reading too much at the moment – too many books, too many blogs, just too … Continue reading

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The final countdown begins…

YAY!!! Happy TEA Week! The only thing that can possibly annoy me this week – well, besides work, kittens who wake me up too early, two evening functions for work, mornings, work, etc, etc – is the fact that I … Continue reading

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When is it okay to be 19?

##inspired by Lisabea – see previous post##So when is it okay for a young man – and, yes, I am talking about m/m fiction – to become involved in a serious relationship in a story? Is it okay when he … Continue reading

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