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best ofs: friends to lovers

I adore the ‘friends to lovers’ theme in m/m. ADORE. IT. There is something so delicious about secret wankings yearnings over friends which really floats my boat. These are three of my fave stories: Out Of My Mind by M … Continue reading

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but there’s no need to fret

Oh, no… … because today’s Rex Manning Fires of Ballian Day!!! Well it was nearly… if ML had accepted my bribe of cookies to release the book on the Oz date instead of the US one. *mopepout* Anyways, here’s the … Continue reading

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were mates… or are we???

Hehehe. I crack me up. Apparently there are a number of us who admit to having an “OMG, they’re so freaking HOT” thing for mate/shifter stories. (Eg Lily, Orannia and Tracy.) Yeah, the trope is a (very) familiar one (ie … Continue reading

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news just in…

… popular m/m romance author M L Rhodes has recently announced that the third book in her Draegan Lords series, Fires of Ballian, is to be released by September 30. This exciting news was first learned right here on this … Continue reading

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tasting authors: m l rhodes

or ‘for Jen: on the occasion of her joining the ranks of M L Rhodes fans’ Perhaps a bit presumptuous because Jen is a strange one after all and her normal Pommy good taste may be having an off day. … Continue reading

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tasting ‘the elf and shoemaker’

The Elf and Shoemaker by M L Rhodes The Blurb: Logan Shoemaker’s honest, hardworking, and loves what he does. Though he never expects to get rich, he’s fared well enough to stay comfortable with his quirky metaphysical store, Shoemaker’s Magick … Continue reading

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in the mood to try something different?

When I posted that m/m fiction was one of my best discoveries for 2008, I added some comments about one of the first m/m romances I had read (Rough Canvas by Joey W. Hill) and how it is now a … Continue reading

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