absolutely exhausting!

Last night, whilst still hiding in the air-conditioning, I read the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris, From Dead to Worse.

Talk about action-packed! I had to take a couple of deep breaths after I’d finished to try and calm down.

Good grief, this author can cram a lot into a book and still gift the reader with a well written and constructed story.

To give you a taste of what happens to Sookie (not in order and without the details so as to avoid too many spoilers) here is a list:-

~ gets attacked and survives;
~ gets to meet an unusual relative;
~ gets to give a certain someone the arse;
~ gets hit on by Bill;
~ gets betrayed (that’s the way I saw it) by her brother;
~ gets involved in a were war;
~ gets involved in a vampire coup;
~ gets a new roommate;
~ gets rid of a spy;
~ gets to save some vampires;
~ gets to meet a(nother) relative;
~ gets to be a bridesmaid; and,
~ of course, there is her relationship with our favourite Viking vampire Eric… hee, hee, hee, I’m not telling. *evil grin*

Phew, just writing all this down makes me tired and this wasn’t everything that happened!

So, with my mind still whirling, all I can think of is ‘what the heck else can happen to Sookie’???

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