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maybe it’s me, but…

Fuck me, but the Romance Bookity World is a nightmare at the moment.  I mean, geesus.  What the hell happened to, I don’t know, reading?  For fun??  Who knew it was that fucking hard.  Christ. So, please, for the love … Continue reading

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end-of-year bandwagon wrap-ups #6

As a lot of you know, I haven’t been reading a whole heap this year – one of the fall-outs of not being in the greatest of mental health.Stupid brain.Despite this, I did get in a couple of reads in … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me (again), but…

Blurb~ A cat’s life isn’t always leisurely…especially if you’re a talking one. “Gunner” Dahlquist makes a living piloting his freelanced ship, The Rockside Hopper. A cynical, but optimistic veteran of Beast War III, Gunner brought one good thing away from … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

Blurb~ Killer cows! They’re big! They’re angry! They smell bad! They’re coming! The only thing standing in their way is a lonely 14-year-old, whether he’s ready or not… Randy Meyer is the new kid in Satus Creek, a tiny farm … Continue reading

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my favouritest author eva

I had another rant post planned for today, but then I read the above last night and needed to wax lyrical about it – well, ok, pimp it – to you all. Those of you who’ve been hanging around for … Continue reading

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guilty pleasures/smutty reads

C’mon. Admit it. Everyone has a book on their keeper’s shelf (or in some kitteh’s cases that’s ALL they have on their bookshelves) which they flip open for those times when they’re in the mood for something… a little naughty. … Continue reading

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were mates… or are we???

Hehehe. I crack me up. Apparently there are a number of us who admit to having an “OMG, they’re so freaking HOT” thing for mate/shifter stories. (Eg Lily, Orannia and Tracy.) Yeah, the trope is a (very) familiar one (ie … Continue reading

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for ana & thea: the loot

Unlike other enablers, who may be unconscious or at the very least less overt about facilitating certain behaviour in other people, Ana and Thea – The Book Smugglers – are unremorseful in their glee over discovering the outcomes of their … Continue reading

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the jury is in…

… and, yes, apparently I DO suck. The evidence: 1. Offending people by simply existing. Me, in my defense: Granted bitchiness is one of my dominant personality traits; however, I generally have to try (a little) to piss people off. … Continue reading

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absolutely exhausting!

Last night, whilst still hiding in the air-conditioning, I read the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris, From Dead to Worse. Talk about action-packed! I had to take a couple of deep breaths after I’d finished to try and … Continue reading

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