it’s a small, small world

I’ve read a number of thought-provoking discussions this past week.

The first was by Lisabea in which she talked about readers being positively and negatively influenced by the personalities of authors. The second was Jenre’s response to this post and some of the comments made there.

I found both of these very interesting because, in all honesty, up until recently I lived in a bubble where I liked the books I liked regardless of… well, anything.

Discovering bloglandia has been an eye-opening experience for me.

On the one hand, lurking on blogs and participating in discussions has revitalised my passion for reading and books, but on the other, I’ve been at times astonished, amused, confused, horrified and furious at some of the posts and comments made by e-authors in particular.

Today I caught wind of a discussion happening at Dear Author regarding some industry news about Ellora’s Cave. Considering the fact I’ve just raved about how much I like their m/m romance covers I thought I’d go and have a read.

Good. Grief.

I’ve never had any issues with EC, although I admit I haven’t purchased many of their books lately. This is mainly because I prefer to shop at one-stop bookstores for my e-books and as far as I can tell EC does not appear to distribute this way.

Will some of the comments made by EC themselves or their current and former authors influence whether I buy any more books from them? Probably yes and no. Yes because I’m sure I’ll have second (and third) thoughts about making too many purchases from them, and no because, quite frankly, if I like the sound of a book or if it’s an author I enjoy reading I’ll still buy it anyway.

However, I must say the issue of those involved in the e-book industry, whether e-author or e-publisher, being more conscious of their internet presence and the impact this might have on their reputations, sales, etc is something to which I wholeheartedly agree.

It seems very odd to me how some individuals can be completely oblivious to how disastrously they sometimes present themselves, especially to their readers.

It also reminds me of a saying that sums up my thoughts on the matter exactly; that is,

‘you don’t shit where you eat’.

Crass, but true nevertheless.

PS – I posted the above before the DA blog (in my view) degenerated into the personal, although some of the latter commentary there certainly does reinforce my opinion.

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8 Responses to it’s a small, small world

  1. Ozakie says:

    Kris,Great post. Seriously, what is with Dear Author? U know that is about the 2nd time I have seen a post at that site where it gets really, really ugly.

  2. Kris says:

    Thanks Ozakie.It’s the 2nd time I’ve seen something similar on DA as well. To be fair though I’ve also seen the same personal attacks appear on other blogs.I think it must be very difficult for blogs, which are renown for their topical discussions, to toe that fine line between providing a forum for two sides to have a constructive debate to a place where some people may take the opportunity to air grievances and make inflammatory statements. This would especially be the case where the people behind the blog, such as those at DA, are on record for trying to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to express their views (however unpopular they may be)and limiting their moderation of the comments.Having said this, in my opinion, I think certain threads should be cut off sooner rather than later so as to avoid as much unpleasantness as possible. I agree; it can get very, very ugly indeed.

  3. Jenre says:

    I read the article when they first published it and thought it was asking for trouble in the tone and sarcasm used. I didn’t go back and look at the comments though (although have just clicked your link, saw there were 187 comments and thought – no way).After the whole Josh Lanyon/Eloisa James debarcle, I flatly refuse to read the comments on inflammatory posts on DA.You are right, though, publishers and authors should know better by now not to get ugly and personal on blogs where everyone can see.

  4. Kris says:

    This is actually the first time I’ve read DA since the ‘writing what you know’ blog, which was unfortunately (as you describe it) a debacle with a few glimpses of interesting – and sane – discussion points. I was appalled by some of accusations made and the things some authors said to and about each other. I certainly believed it should have been stopped much sooner than when it was. It seems so strange. How can publishers and authors not think that readers wouldn’t be influenced by stuff like this? Should we be insulted? I just don’t know. I realise their only human, but why, when you rely on the internet for promotion, would you do such things, especially in such very popular, public forums? Questions, questions, questions.

  5. Jenre says:

    People do very, very stupid things when they get riled up, or have their feelings hurt. I suppose it’s a defense mechanism to strike back and try to hurt the person back. It’s only afterwards that you realise that wasn’t the smartest move – but it’s too late once you’ve hit the ‘post’ button.In all these things it’s better to go away and think about it before you post. Take a deep breath, do some housework, have a cup of tea. Then go back and see whether you really are all that bothered about what the other person has written. If you are, post. If not, walk away.I spent a long, long time lurking about before I ever posted a comment on any blog because I was worried that I may say the wrong thing, or appear stupid. I’m past all that now!

  6. lisabea says:

    O.M.G.Don’t shit where you eat is one of my favorite expressions. Totally not kidding.And if the readers are being open about their disgust…I wonder if the publishers are quietly taking note.

  7. lisabea says:

    Oh, Jenre, I have a rule:Don’t blog when you are drunk or mad. I’m not often either, so that’s good. But when I am..I tend to bounce things off a friend first (buddy system)…of course if the friend is drunk or mad I’m totally screwed and I act like an ass.Insert pee standing up comment here.

  8. Kris says:

    Hey LisabeaIt’s one of my faves too and so appropriate in this context.I also wondered if some publishers are following the various discussions/ rants/ whatevers, especially when authors are attacking other authors from the same stable. It would be pretty hard to avoid given how small the industry is. Given this, it will be very interesting to see whether anything unfolds. I imagine there are a few out there who are waiting with bated breaths to see what befalls some people.

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