what kind of reader am i?

Besides still not quite believing that I read the entire 16 books in the tbr pile without caving, something that struck me during the experience was how much I like m/m romance.

I know. An odd revelation considering, hey. (It’s a West Aussie thing. We all put ‘hey’ at the end of our sentences.)

Granted there was a Sean Michael and a Kirby Crow in the pile, but I still missed reading it and by the end of the week I was salivating over the new m/m releases, gobbling up reviews and spending more time in the blog community then I ever had before.

All in all, it made me realise how much m/m romance has become an integral part of my reading life.

Some readers get stuck in ruts and go through phases of loving/hating an author or a series or a genre. I’ve done the same in the past, although these phases tend to pass pretty quickly for me because I read so fast.

Generally, however, I’m a reader who likes to mix up authors and genres to keep things interesting.

At the moment I have fantasy, science fiction, young adult, action/adventure, crime/thriller, romantic suspense and m/m romance all waiting to be devoured. (Yes, I have a tbr pile already! Some of the books came in those brown packages, others I, umm, ‘collected’ whilst I was in buying hiatus.)

Despite the evidence, I assure you the interesting mix thing has nothing to do with me having the attention span of a toy poodle. Rather it has everything to do with what kind of reader I am…

The Ultimate Mood Reader!

When I’m in the mood to read a certain type of story that’s it, nothing will get in my way.

I’ve gone online at some ungodly hours to purchase ebooks of every type of description just because I’m in the mood for it.

I’ve also been known to drive over to Mumma’s of an evening because I know she has a book or an author I feeling like reading (and, of course, to steal a bottle of wine 🙂 ). Usually, I ring to place my order first so it’s more like a drive thru as opposed to a stop and visit.

Hopeless?? Naughty?? Yes, yes, I am. Unrepentant?? That too. *grin*

Where was I going with this? Oh right.

Being this type of reader I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find that I’ve definitely got an ‘m/m’ mood.

Although, as a girl, I have to admit saying “I’m in the mood for some hot man-on-man love” out loud sounds a little… #insert adjective here#. LOL.

Anyway, what type of reader are you? Are you a mood reader too? If so, to what lengths have you gone to get the type of book you’ve wanted to read? C’mon ‘fess up. I did.

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Reads, rants, randoms & R+s. You've been warned. BTW, don't follow me if you're a GLBTQQphobic wanker. It won't end well. For you.
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4 Responses to what kind of reader am i?

  1. Ozakie says:

    Kris,FYI, please please make those self portraits of you with the pigtails a mainstay on your blog. The sketches are so funny, unique, and so YOU.Im very much a mood reader too. I can go through periods where I dont read at all. Then there are periods where all I do is devour books. Then there are times when Im totally into the classics; other times genre.

  2. Jenre says:

    I’m more a phase reader than a mood reader. I spent two years reading exclusively het historicals and then last year I read mostly m/m. However within the m/m framework, I’ve read different genres – more than I ever did with het romance.Sometimes I do get a hankering for a genre. A few months ago, I suddenly felt in the mood for some gay cowboy, so I bought and read JL Langley’s ‘Tin Star’ and ‘The Broken H’ one after the other which amply satisfied that itch! Also, for some strange reason, when I listen to Radiohead it makes me want to read Jet Mykles ‘Heaven Sent’ books again. Weird that.What is so great about my ebook reader is that I can satisfy my reading mood within a few minutes. It’s so easy to pop over to BooksonBoard or Fictionwise, buy, download and start reading. No trip into the city, no waiting for the Amazon order to arrive – bliss!

  3. Kris says:

    How’d you guess that they were me, Ozakie?? *blushes* So glad that you like them. They are the extent of my drawing ability, although I think I might be improving, don’t you? ;)Cool, another mood reader. But you have periods when you don’t read?!? Be careful admitting that out loud. You might get stoned for such indiscretions in this community. LOL.

  4. Kris says:

    Jen, you read het historical romance for 2 years straight? *sputters* How? All of the vocab and historical inaccuracies would have driven me completely mad within 2 weeks let alone 2 years. Ebooks = Much satisfacation for the mood and phase readers. Right now I’m in the mood for m/m cop romance/ drama/ crime/ thriller/ whatever so much fun was had by me shopping yesterday.BTW, you’re right, you are weird. *cheeky grin*

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