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things that make you go O_o

It seems to be that time of year again for me.You know the one I’m talking about.That skipping-the-sex-scenes season.Yeah. The mood swing.  I haz it.Too bad the flipping to the story thing makes you realise that, well, there ain’t much of … Continue reading

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a book i want

A couple of weeks ago, Kassa asked her followers ‘what kind of book are you craving that you can’t find?‘ and I was reminded of this when Orannia posted about reader’s expectations and the personal experiences that we bring to … Continue reading

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what kind of reader am i?

Besides still not quite believing that I read the entire 16 books in the tbr pile without caving, something that struck me during the experience was how much I like m/m romance. I know. An odd revelation considering, hey. (It’s … Continue reading

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