fuck it fridays

Hi all

I’ve prob’ly confused the heck out of your Google Readers, RSSes or whatevers cos I just deleted the post I had up to do this instead.

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a helluva time of it at the moment and am suffering from a serious case of the ‘blehs’.

Maybe it’s a mid year thing. Maybe it’s because I’m not sleeping. Maybe it’s because people suck. Who the hell knows.

What I do know is that when I was writing all this ‘woe is me’ stuff to one of my bestest pals, Tam, I suddenly thought ‘you know what… fuck it!’

Fuck this having to suck it up and shit. Fuck this playing nice with all the other peeps in RL because you have to.

I WANT to rant – and if I want to do it I’m sure there’s prob’ly others out there who feel exactly the same way.

So I’ve decided to instigate ‘Fuck It Fridays’ where anyone can rant and rave about whatever has pissed them off this week.

It might be big or small. It might be something you’ve read (this is meant to be a reader’s blog after all) or seen. Hell, it might even be about me. The only thing I ask is that you don’t get personal and too wankfestery cos that would seriously suck.

Is this self-indulgent you ask?? Yes definitely, but, well, fuck it!

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27 Responses to fuck it fridays

  1. Tam says:

    Ooooh, I get to be first? I hope there's no limit to how long these posts can be. 🙂

    1) I'm job hunting, well, position hunting, I have a job which is secure. I had an interview Wed. I THOUGHT until it was canceled when they were told I had a job. Umm, what job would that be, the one I'm doing for 5 weeks only? No one seemed to be able to tell me what the hell was going on and there was lots of run-around and majorly pissing me off. Nothing like telling a total stranger I have a job before you tell me. Grrrrr. So it seems in 4 weeks I will have a job, just not the one I want. So I'm still being “allowed” to interview for the one I want and use the other as a fallback, so it worked out but I had several hours of gut-busting stress wondering who was playing god with my career.

    2. More work. My big gigantic political boss has not yet decided whether he is going abroad this weekend. Ummm, its nearly Friday and we have at least 4 days of prep work (preferably 2 weeks) when we know someone is going abroad. We will have to do it in less than 6 hours, so we're starting but if he says no, then it's hours of work for nothing. Sigh. This is kind of typical so doesn't tick me off too much but its frustrating nonetheless.

    3. More work. My acting Director is getting totally freaked by the above and its making me nuts. I want to tell her to take a heart pill, I've dealt with this kind of thing for the last year, we'll be fine, but I can't, so I grin and bear it.

    4. I gained 5 lbs on vacation. No I CAN'T afford 5 lbs. What am I doing now? Eating fucking fudge. Grrr. Slap me.

    5. Laundry. FUCKING HATE IT!!!! Never used to but now I've developed a hatred of epic proportions. But I'm not rich enough to just toss my clothes and buy more. Crap. Need a lottery ticket.

    Ummm, I think that's it for now. There's lots of little things, the price of gas (petrol), the fact that I need a pair of navy pants and HATE shopping, my house is a destruction zone, it raining again and cold, my rabbit is staring at me and eying my jugular, its only Thursday and I thought it was Friday. Blah.

    Thank you for the opportunity to vent my dear. It felt great. Very cleansing. 🙂

  2. Merwan says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent!!

    After MONTHS of applying left and right and never getting even a reply back, I finally got a response for a potential position. But, hear this: it's being done through an agency. So first, I had a phone interview with the agency. They said they would send notes from the conversation to the employer. If she (the employer) liked what she read, she would contact me herself for another phone interview. If she was satisfied by it, she would call me in for a face-to-face interview. But the agency said that if that did happen, they would want to interview me face-to-face themselves before I speak to the employer. Then, after these 2 face-to-face interviews the employer would check my credit report, my education report, my criminal record and they would do a drug-screening. All of this would take from 1 to 2 weeks.

    That seems pretty fucked up for just a temp-position. But I'm still going through with it of course, because I'm desperate, and the company is a damn-good one. World-renown and all that.

    I don't want to talk to too many people about it in case I don't get the position… At this point, I'm just happy they were interested enough to contact me.

  3. Rock on! I say FUCK IT loud and proud.

    In honor of fuck it Friday I am having a big fruity drink and scope out hot man candy.

  4. Ozakie says:


    Bless your little freckled, raven hair heart for this post!

    My vent is on the job hunting rant. Im just tired of sending resumes, cover letters, getting possible potential jobs only to get the door slammed in the face for whatever reason. Im tired of going to online job boards to apply for jobs which will only take me to ANOTHER website where I have to waste time creating a profile for ONE job for a company that 9 times out of 10 i wont get. I hate the ordeal of giving out information and keeping tracking of passwords and profile names..UGHHHHH! I feel better now..

  5. Sean Kennedy says:

    Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly, Kris.

    My biggest rant at the moment would be the lack of customer service after you buy a product. How I get recommended to buy a more expensive laptop because of the super-infallible secondary hard drive which acts as back-up, and when a system fail occurs you can restore from this secondary hard drive (on which you've been backing up important things, like, say, your writing file) and everything will be fine.

    But a month after warranty ends, both hard drives fail at the same time! Too bad, says the manufacturer. You're a month out of warranty. So should we expect things to only last as long as the warranty?

    Restore disks do not start the damn thing up again. The super dooper restore disks do not start the damn thing up again, even though the self-test on the hard drive says they should because the hard drive isn't fried.

    Oh, says the manufacturer. Doesn't matter, the hard drive is fried. We can fix that for you, but it will cost you hundreds of dollars. Or you can just go to a data retrieval centre and spend hundreds of dollars there in the hopes that you may get some undamaged files back.

    So, a third of one novel is probably gone, and a third of another. Luckily Catt also had a copy of the work we've done on the sequel to D+D.

    But I'm ready to firebomb Compaq. I guess I shouldn't say that, or else I'll have ASIO turning up on my doorstep.

  6. K. Z. Snow says:

    I'll just toss in a little rant about all the stuff I'd like to rant about but can't rant about, which is obviously a whole different bag of fuckit.

  7. K. Z. Snow says:

    Or is it bucket of fuckit?

  8. Tracy says:

    Fuck it Fridays. I like it.

    I'm sorry you're having to say that at all! But now that you ARE saying it I say, say it with strength and vigor! Let it just roll off your tongue like it's the best damn think you've ever experienced! Hope you feel better.

    Let's see – I haven't exercised since right after the earth cooled. Today I rolled my ass out of bed (EARLY) put on workout clothes and went to the garage to walk on the treadmill. I found it on it's side practically being crused by a motorcycle. *Sigh* hubby's out of town. He sucks. lol

    Tomorrow there will be more to rant about.

  9. *cuddles*

    and lulz @ the idea of fuck it fridays. unfortunately, most of the things that make me rant are nursing related, and I can't rant about my patients online *le sigh*.

    ohohoh, but I've read TWO books in the last week that made me bust out the old bloodied spork…Instinct by Jessica Freely and Storykeeper by Jade Buchanan.

    Storykeeper featured a black hero who was apparently hung like the Jolly Green Giant or something, because twinky type totally choked with only the head in his mouth. WTF, yo?

  10. Kris says:

    *Yay! It's not just me!*

    Tam: Another reason I love you – the fact that you complain about your weight whilst eating fudge. 😉

    Merwan: Jesus. That's has to be the most convoluted application process I've ever bloody heard of! I sympathise. Hang in there, mate.

    KB: Fuck It Friday, alcohol and pretties sounds like a t-rific combo to me, KB. You go girl!

    Ozakie: Yuck, just yuck. ((Hugs))

    Sean: *snort* Considering that ASIO is on a roll at the moment no, prob'ly NOT a good idea. Computers hate me so I understand what you are going through. Now imagine being a chick and doing it and having to deal with the Little Woman pats on the head. Pisses me off no end.

    K Z: A bucket of fuckits works for me. LOL.

    Tracy: Exercise is Satan's work. Just saying.

    As for me… after a couple of weeks of meeting after meeting, I'm about to head off to – you guessed it – another meeting where, now that the project has been commissioned and due process followed, the lovely project manager wants me off the consultant team because she hates my fucking guts. Good times. Woo hoo!

  11. Kris says:

    Emmy: I was gonna leave a message on your LJ asking you why on earth you read “Instinct” cos you didn't like the first one as I recall. Were you asking for a sporking??

    BTW, why is it that some m/m authors always give African American guys big dicks?I don;t get it.

  12. BTW, why is it that some m/m authors always give African American guys big dicks?I don;t get it.

    heh heh heh. Explanation anyone?

  13. Lily says:

    Fabulous idea, Kris!!

    I'll start my ranting with the simple phrase which I repeat quite often. I HATE MY FUCKING JOB!!!!!
    Followed by my second favorite rant of I FUCKING HATE AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 years ago I was making really good money and working 10 minutes from home. I had great health insurance and loved my job. In comes big bad super FUCKING AT&T to ruin my life. Bought out the phone company I worked at and decided to restructure.

    What does that mean you ask?? It means they decided to FUCK with my life. After months of job hunting I now work at a large global bank at less than half what I used to make. And working twice as hard now.

    My days now are spent talking to idiots who can't understand what a 'late fee' means and why their credit cards are canceled or why their APR is so high. Damn it people, if your statement says late fee it means you FUCKING paid late.

    Other than that my life is just peachy. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to rant. Felt pretty good!!

  14. Ingrid says:

    Hearing this I am glad I still have a job although it is a tad boring at the moment.

  15. orannia says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. orannia says:

    Sorry, that was me who deleted the previous comment because my 'old as the Ark' computer can't cope with two IE windows open at once… *SIGH*

    I hate big private companies that think they can push you around and charge you whatever they feel like, including for the time it takes them to reply to your complaint letter about their abysmal service. And I hate people who, while working for said companies, sit on your letter for over a month, with no reply, knowing that your stress levels are so bad that you have next to no short-term memory, frequent panic attacks and a stomach that is developing an ulcer. And their reason for the delay? 'I've been busy'. Yeah, right. Because if I had used that excuse in my last job I would have been fired.

    And what's worse…I can't make a compalint about said company because there is no ombudsman to complain too. So they have free range.

    Good luck to all those job/position hunting! And thank you Kris for letting me rant!

  17. Kris says:

    KB: I need facts and pictures. 😉

    Lily: Blech!!! It never ceases to amaze me what happens when companies are taken over and within months all the promises made are broken. It's poo and I FUCKING HATE THEM TOO!

    Ingrid: Boredom is sometimes a good thing.

    Orannia: When is your friend finishing your computer??

    What gets me, Orannia, is that these are prob'ly the same wankers who complain about the customer service they in turn get. Karma always gets 'em one way or another.

  18. Clare London says:

    Oh wow.
    Draw deep breath.
    Oh wow.

    I'm not sure I dare open the floodgates, but what a fabulous public service :).

    I'm pissed at tax authorities who don't make their rules clear enough but come down like a ton of bricks when you apparently get them wrong. They deducted tax from my student son, now won't give it back unless I prostrate myself, beating myself with birch twigs. Then probably have to follow up with 20 chasing phone calls over the space of the next 6 months.

    I got a £50 parking fine when I took the family to see the (totally uninspiring) HP movie. I drove around the car park 3 times, couldn't get a space, parked on a side road where there were NO RESTRICTIONS I COULD SEE and the f*rs stuck a ticket on me 15 minutes after we went into the cinema. I'm appealing, but F*k it, I know I won't win. And if they don't get back to me within 28 days, I have to pay it anyway or it goes up to £100.

    I've had to delete the rest of this comment, I went off into a rant LOL.

  19. Jenre says:

    Well I was feeling quite chirpy today but after reading all that misery I think I'll go and hide in a dark room, curl up into a foetal position and rock whilst moaning to myself.

    Except I can't 'cos it's the school holidays and I'm in charge of 4 kids who keep trying to kill each other.

    The only pissy thing that's happened today is that hub has been for a barium enema this morning and has spent the last hour farting loudly in my vicinity as a result of having his bowels blown up like a balloon.

  20. pictures? Why would I have picture of those things?

    *whistles as she walks away*

  21. Tracy says:

    omg Jenre I'm so sorry for your hubby but I just fucking laughed my ass off after reading your post. Thank you – I needed that laugh.

  22. Jenre says:

    Tracy: I'm glad I brightened your day :).

    Hub has stopped farting now and I won't go into details about the other 'toilet' incident. It was just too gross to share.

  23. Ingrid says:

    lol Jen. You'd better not then. There is something like TMI!

  24. Tam says:

    Sometimes I'm so glad I don't have a husband anymore. LOL Except on trash day, then I wish I had one. Or a slave, either would work.

  25. Kris says:

    Clare: Hard to resist such a 'public service', isn' it. LOL. I had a phone conversation with the Mumma that went similarly in that she went off on a huge rant and then decided to delete it. *g*

    Your dealing with tax officials and parking inspectors… at the same time… Dear God… the nightmares.

    Jen: Thanks for sharing that, Jen. That's just lovely. *snort*

    KB: Tease!

    Tam: A slave sounds good.

  26. orannia says:

    Kris – I don't know. We're currently in month eight… I don't like to ask though as he is under a lot of stress and I don't want to make it worse. I might follow-up this week though as it's almost been a month 🙂

  27. Kris says:

    A difficult one. Good luck!

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