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maybe it’s me, but…

I read fuck all at the moment. Well, when I say that, it’s in fits more than starts. ¬†And there are very few fits. Of the reading kind, that is. *HAR* *HAR* *sigh* So when I do get the urge … Continue reading

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dear author

‘Lo, there do I see my Father.‘Lo, there do I see my Mother, and my Sisters, and my Brothers.‘Lo, there do I see the line of my people; Back to the beginning!‘Lo, they do call to me;They bid me take my … Continue reading

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ratings ok, ratings meh

The other day Jen totally horned in on my ratings series with her post about ‘the dreaded three stars’.  This included a discussion about what 3 stars actually means to readers and authors.Besides the fact that Jen is clearly a stealer, … Continue reading

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ratings (again) & the 5 stars thing

When I did the series about ratings last year, the issue of those readers who tend to give everything 4-5 stars was raised and the majority of commenters agreed they either take no notice of these reviews or take them … Continue reading

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ratings and… THE FUCK?!

So I started reading Katiebabs chook’s post about the latest wankfestry going on all the while thinking ‘yeah, yeah, same old crap’ when suddenly…O.oWHAT.  THE.  FUCK.Some peepo are turning into abusive arseholes on goodreads because they bought a book based on … Continue reading

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things that make you go O_o

Cover: Character description: “His long, curly blonde hair was pulled back from a face that appeared to be chiseled from steel. Blue eyes teased her with their intelligence and humor [sic].” Back to cover: Back to character description: “His long, … Continue reading

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dear publisher

Dear Don’t-push-me-I-have-PMS Publisher, Further to my letter of 10 August, I write to reaffirm that one of the main reasons I purchase ebooks is for the purposes of my instant gratification. Therefore, this bullshit wasting of time trying to sort … Continue reading

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dear publisher

Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are Epublisher Please note that most PDF makers come with a handy little ‘reduce file size’ option. FUCKING USE IT! Sincerely, Kris of Kris ‘n’ Good Books

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f%$k it friday

Dear Universe Again?! Seriously??? You suck. Hoping you implode, Kris.

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where’s a hot tub when you need one?

Some of you may vaguely recall my wee rant when some crazy heads a few of my blogger pals were going on about how wonderful it would be to live in the regency world. I put forward my own thoughts … Continue reading

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