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f%$k it friday

Dear Universe Again?! Seriously??? You suck. Hoping you implode, Kris.

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f%#k it friday

Yep, it’s time for me to get my rant on and then pretend to give a damn when everyone else does the same. And what could have possibly upset the person who is usually such a bundle of friggin’ joy?? … Continue reading

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f@#k it friday

This makes me so very fucking angry. Those young people should be completely and utterly ashamed of themselves.

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f@ck it friday…

… but on a Thursday. Yeah, well, I haven’t done one of these in a while, that’s why. So be warned. You’re about to get hit with a biggie. Begin rant. Fact 1. The m/m romance community is a small … Continue reading

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f@ck it fridays

TFIF!!! I can’t be arsed doing anything so have some cookies. Yeah. You’re welcome.

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fuck it fridays

I’m 99.9% sure that Blogger verification is a bully. I know this because it makes me have to re-enter the word nearly every friggin’ time. My eyesight isn’t that bad so all it’s doing is trying to make me think … Continue reading

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fuck it (not really) fridays

Nothing too bitchy from me today. *rolls eyes* No, I’m not sick… or hungover *glaring in the vague direction of Holland*. I’m still riding the gloat glow of my birthday spoilage. Yes, it’s true that I shamelessly pimped my birthday … Continue reading

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fuck it fridays

Forget the fact that some people should never, ever be allowed to write emails because their brain fails to engage their ‘I’m being a rude, arrogant, insulting fucktard-o-meter’ before they hit send. Forget the fact that I have to go … Continue reading

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fif update 2

Me: I’m ringing because the repair that you did to my tyre has failed. Them: You can do a pit stop, but you’ll probably have to wait because it’s first come, first served. Me: YOUR repair failed and I have … Continue reading

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fif update

After killing breakfast three times this morning, it is my strong belief that those warnings on prescription packets which say ‘in the case of disorientation do not operate vehicles or heavy equipment’ should be amended to include ‘microwaves, grills and … Continue reading

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